About Us

Welcome to the site, we hope you are having a great day! You may have stumbled on this page in order to know more about our company and website so we will fill you in on the information you require.

Utah Valley Urology & Performance (www.uvuperformance.com) started over six years ago, and we have been running successfully since then. The reason we were begun was to provide insights into male enhancement and penis enlargement products that actually work and also to expose the products which were nothing more than just snake oil.

We are working on expanding and will soon cover topics regarding male sexual health and not only just reviews of products.  We provide a platform for real users and customers just like you to submit product reviews of things they have actually tried.

Unlike other websites out there (especially ones in the male enhancement market) we don’t only recommend products to earn ourselves money, we also deter you from buying products which we don’t think are worth it and so help in protecting buyers from getting scammed.

Our mission is to provide non-biased, honest product reviews in a journalistic and diplomatic manner. If we feel that a product is not up to par but we know of a legitimate alternative we will recommend that you for your own well-being.

Safety of customers is one of our primary objectives which we take much pride in – As stated by the owner of UVU Performance. Every time we review a product you will notice that we point you to the OFFICIAL website and not eBay or Amazon or even any other third party sites. Again this is to ensure your utmost safety as we are not held responsible for any purchases that you make which are counterfeits.

We will also try to advise you on how to get the products for the cheapest price. However most times we will refer you to the official website, and here you may notice that the price isn’t the cheapest. We would still highly recommend that you order from the official website because that way we can ensure your best interests and help anyone to avoid being ripped off.

At UVU Performance, we apologize to any product manufacturers who do not feel like their product was shown in the best light. But again we must stress that the customer’s best interests will always be kept, and we hold the right to express our opinion based on real evidence and results.

In the online world, it is easy to find confusing and conflicting information, so we have made it our job to clarify any misconceptions. We have tried our best to provide the most in-depth information as possible, and we may later update our information if things change with regards to a product or service.

We thank you for taking your time to read about UVU Performance, and we encourage any feedback or input that you may have. This will help us to improve our website and provide more relevant content which meets the demands of the majority of men who are looking into male enhancement and penis enlargement.

As a final note, we will leave you with a quote from the founder of UVU Performance.

Penis enlargement and male enhancement is more like an ultra-marathon; not a sprint.

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