Autoblow 2 Review

What Is The AutoBlow 2?autoblow 2

Autoblow is a state of the art sexual pleasure device for men.

It is in the series of scientifically approved instruments for enjoyment which ensures maximum gratification, maximum safety, maximum sensation, and zero pain and injuries.

Moreover, its compact size makes it highly portable and readily usable anywhere, anytime discretely. Provided you have access to a plug socket.

If you want something completely portable, that doesn’t require an energy supply you could opt for the Fleshlight instead.

This Autoblow review is aimed at introducing you to some of the exciting features of the latest features introduced into the auto blow products on the market today.

Why use Autoblow?

Nature has bestowed man with two primitive instincts; the first one is concerned with survival and the second one is concerned with sustenance.

Your sexual instinct is one of the natural ones which belong to the sustenance category.

You can use this device to satisfy your sexual desires in two ways.

  • It serves as a very delicate natural let-out for masturbation.
  • It acts as a natural substitute for your much desired, yet secretly kept the desire for a female blow-job.
  • To train yourself to last longer and increase stamina with a realistic feel from an automatic blowjob.

Autoblow 2 Design 

The design of the device is based on the size (girth) of your penis.

It is divided into two components, the machine, and the sleeve. The device is tubular and has a metallic construction.

The inner housing of the Autoblow 2 comprises of;

  • A motor of industrial standards with optimum strength
  • A vertically moving fixture that works on the sleeve
  • Spring that surrounds the sleeve and comes into action during usage. It has a steel material body and is studded with high-quality beads. The beads exert mild and sensational pressure onto the sleeve which in turn gets passed onto your penis walls.
  • A safe power inlet with a 9-feet cable attached to it. The system has a device that converts the Alternating-current into Direct-current within the permissible limits.

The Autoblow 2 is available with three standard sizes of sleeves which are graded as A, B, and C.

  • The first grade is for girth size ranging from 3-inches to 4-inches.
  • The second grade is for girth size ranging from 4-inches to 5.5-inches.
  • The third grade is for girth size ranging from 5.5-inches to 6.5-inches.


Autoblow 2 Materials 

The all-metal body of the Autoblow 2 is designed to last longer and provide maximum safety.

Initially, there will be a lot of speculations and doubts in your mind before you opt for this device.

You will be able to gain more confidence when you go through the experiences of satisfied users in the thousands of Autoblow reviews online.

The sleeve is made of an artificial-skin-material.

This is the primary benefit of this device.

It helps in the following ways;sleeve

  • The inner wall structure is built to simulate a real-life sensation. When you use your hand for masturbation, you often feel a sense of dissatisfaction after every session. This is mainly due to the hardness of your hand and the open-air which takes out the maximum of pleasuring impact from your act.
  • It is harmless to your skin. The material composition has arrived after lengthy research by skin specialists and sexologists over time.

Care has been taken to ensure

  • Getting a realistic feeling while in use it. You don’t feel that you are getting into an artificial incubator or a heated room to warm yourself up.
  • Maximum contact with your penis skin during motion.
  • The sleeves completely cover your penis comfortably. You don’t feel like entering a gym for releasing the tension of your muscles; rather you feel the throbbing sensations of a soft and warm lip-like wrapping around your sex-organ.

Autoblow 2 Functionality

Autoblow sex toy functions in a realistic sense.autoblow2 how to use

That means, the speed, pressure, and the vertical motions are tuned in lines of a female oral and vaginal actions.

  • The vertical movement of the device is designed to replicate your stroking actions to perfection. Hence, you don’t need to use any force to obtain maximum pleasure. Since it is a hands-free device, your arms and hands are also free.
  • The springs are designed to apply gentle pressure on your penis during movement. Care has been taken to diversify the exerted pressure at regular frequencies gently. This gives the realistic feeling of the blow-job.
  • It can simulate deep-throat: –  When you have chosen the right size of Sleeve, it can offer you the deepest sense of deep throat. This is a replica of your beloved’s action. You can experience the sensations right from the tip of your penis till the root.
  • What takes you to the top of the pleasuring experience is the lip-pressure around your organ and its sensational arousal. The same technique is incorporated into this little pleasure genius. It can generate a circular and rotating simulation with the help of the gentle spring pressure.
  • The speed of action is maintained uniformly throughout your blow-job session. You will not face a premature-ejaculation situation at any time.

Autoblow 2 Benefits

Apart from getting pleasure, the Autoblow 2 can serve many other useful purposes also.

While designing the device, the manufacturers have consulted qualified sexologists.

Let us take a look at some of the suggestions which have been implemented in this device.

You seek foreskin simulation which is an essential part of the blow-job you receive from your girl.


How the Autoblow 2 helps in fulfilling

Sexual instincts are closely related to the overall well-being of man. You might have experienced the relief and freedom in your body and mind after a delightful sexual encounter. The Autoblow machine fulfills this basic instinct safely with real-life simulations. Your body tends to relax, and your mind gets relieved of the pressure very quickly. You will be able to focus on your everyday activities.
More than the intercourse, it is the dream blow-job that you have always wanted to have. Your girl may refuse to do it, or you may not have a girl to do it when in need. This device makes your dream turn into reality, safely and discretely. You don’t depend on a non-reliable and unsafe person to bring you relief. Moreover, it saves you from any possible HIV-attacks that you may expose yourself to non-safe places.
The Frenulum-part of your penis is one of the key points of sensual-spots which crave for maximum pleasure. The sleeve of the device has been designed to hit gently those sensitive nerves frequently. Once you switch on the device and start enjoying its action, you can get maximum peak pleasure.
The bottom of the sleeve is provided with a shape to resemble tongue-like sensations of a girl. It repeatedly applies gentle pressure around your penis foreskin and simulates it

Autoblow 2 Safety 

Most of the people look for immediate pleasure from sex toys, forgetting about security or by gracefully ignoring it.

The Autoblow Blast is designed for safety.

At every point of its architecture, the device is tested for electrical, mechanical and electronic safety standards.

You won’t get stranded or get trapped into it in the case of a loose contact or a power supply cut. You could easily detach the device.

The device is designed to suit all lengths. That means the vertical depth of the housing ensures maximum penetration-like sensation without getting into contact with any of the metallic inner surfaces or piston and motor parts.

How to use the Autoblow 2 machine?

This is very simple to use.

It could be as easy as using a condom.

Before using the device you got to be comfortably placed.

Though you can use the automatic blowjob machine in any posture, the most comfortable and long-lasting one is to sit or a couch on a sofa/bed.

  1. Make sure that you are nearby a continuous power source.
  2. Plug the device into the power outlet
  3. Open the device and wear it the way you wear a regular condom, but carefully.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the manual.
  5. You can use the ID Glide lube for giving you painless and long-lasting sensations.

Autoblow 2 Disadvantages  

The major one is the weight of the device. It sure is heavier than many of the portable devices with battery.

The cable attachment may hinder your pleasuring moments, especially when you experience power failures at home.

The Autoblow 2 is also EXTREMELY loud.

So just imagine, it’s the middle of the night, and all is calm, and you wake up with a stiffy hoping to get yourself an Automatic blowjob from your trusty machine. Unless you want to wake the whole house up, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Autoblow 2 Conclusion

The auto blowjob machine is an advanced version of many hand-held or battery-operated devices that have hit the market before.

The heaviness of the product is due to the complex mechanism and the number of components that make up the device.

The motor is a long-running pleasure mare which not only gives you pleasure but also offers many medical benefits.

It exercises your penis into perfection. It is achieved by a natural process called conditioning.

As you continue to use the device, you could increase your performance capacity by prolonging your ejaculation.

The device enhances the flexibility of your penis subtly.

Maintenance is made simple. The washable sleeves help in maintaining hygiene.

This is a single machine that fits all the three grades of sleeves.

Once you start using the device and experiencing its benefits, you would naturally start recommending this to your friends; that’s if it’s not too much of a taboo subject.

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