Average Penis Size

truth about penis size and growthAsk most men and you’ll discover that they care about their penis size. Everyone wants to be at least average size – and yet most sex experts will tell you that size doesn’t matter.

So why do experts say one thing but the majority of men think another?

When women are surveyed to find out what they look for in a lover lots of terms come up time and time again… kindness, listening, sense of humor, caring, attractiveness shared interests… only a few of them ever say penis size. However, Sex therapists who help couples with sexual problems get to hear about many issues couples have in the bedroom, but penis size is rarely at the root of any of them.

The fact is that about 95% of men have an average size penis, between 3 and 5 inches when non-erect and between 5 and 7 inches when erect, and even those smaller than these ranges can still experience and give great pleasure during sex.

Despite all these facts, many men are still insecure about their penis size.

Most of them have watched porn and seen the above-average size of many of the men starring in them, and at the same time their email inboxes will be filling up with junk emails telling them all about how their dick is too small and they need to buy the latest enlargement product.

Over time men become indoctrinated into thinking that a large penis is necessary for pleasuring a woman; no matter how much good sense they hear from reliable sources, the information coming out of businesses in the male enlargement market and through porn quickly drown them out.

Of course, despite this, there’s nothing wrong with looking to increase the size of your penis, but unfortunately, many of the marketed methods don’t work. Here are some tips for anyone not currently happy with what they’ve got:

  • Forget about having surgery. While surgery is theoretically an option – including both girth enhancement and forget about surgerylengthening – it is rarely worth the cost and pain you have to go through. Costing thousands upon thousands, it may seem like a worthwhile investment for a man with plenty of money to spare, but the results rarely justify the cost. To lengthen surgically, you need to cut the ligament within, this can add an inch but means that your erections will no longer stand up. Enhancing the girth involves taking fat from somewhere else on the body (typically your buttocks) and injecting it under the skin of the penis. This can often lead to a penis that is both lumpy and deformed.


  • Use ONLY Reputable enlargement products. Many enlargement products are expensive frauds that will never lead to a permanent enhancement. They may even cause damage if you incorrectly or unwisely. But The Phallosan Forte has been given FDA approval and also Sizegenetics have had scientific results published in Medical Journals. Also, pills will never enlarge your penis, it just isn’t possible, they are primarily used for the performance – giving you a harder erection for longer periods, etc.


  • Stop smoking. No matter how big or small yours may be, it needs blood in it to get erect – and the more blood in it the bigger it’ll be. If you want to take advantage of every bit you’ve got then you need to ensure a great blood flow – and by smoking, you’ll be narrowing your arteries and reducing blood flow.


  • Exercise more. This isn’t about exercising your penis – that won’t help. Exercising your whole body through can improve your blood flow through your arteries. And as we know more the last point – more blood = larger erection. We found a great guide on how to do this naturally called the penis enlargement bible.


  • Lose the belly. The bigger your belly, the more it makes your penis look smaller. Get rid of all that excess weight and you’ll notice your penis starts to look bigger in comparison. Another tip would be to trim or shave your pubic hair and this will automatically make it look bigger as it won’t be buried in a bush of hair.


  • Keep warm. You might have noticed in cold situations your penis shrinks. Keeping warm will encourage blood flow while being cold will discourage it.


  • Stay relaxed. You need to stay relaxed if you want the penis to reach its full potential. When you are stressed your muscles contract and tense, this causes your arteries to be constricted and reduces blood flow. Stress also leads to more blood going to the limbs as your body prepares to start running away or fighting in response to the stressful situation.


  • Try a penis pump. A pump creates a vacuum around your penis to encourage blood to flow into it. This can create a temporary and modest increase in size but will not cause any permanent increase unless you use it consistently. Make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid causing possible damage or injury. The two pumps we would recommend are water-based pumps called the Bathmate and Penomet.


  • Or try a cock ring. These rubber rings sit snugly at the base of your cock and help to trap blood there. The slower blood flows out of your penis; the more there is inside contributing to keeping it firm and rigid. These won’t perform miracles, but they do help.

All these methods can help you get a slightly larger penis but what most men need to know that truly, size does not matter.

Only 1 in 4 women regularly achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse, so for most women, you’ll need to learn some other techniques involving your fingers, tongue or toys if you want to give them pleasure.

This is true just as much for average sizes as it is for people with micropenises. The best thing you can do to have great sex is to be confident in yourself and enthusiastic about your lovemaking. These two elements combined can make you a great lover no matter what size your penis is.