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Start by watching a short video of how the Bathmate came about into existence then scroll down for other videos you will find interesting.

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A high number of people watching the Bathmate penis pump videos might have observed some interesting facts about the active scope of it.

They have had no hesitation voicing their support to the product. After all, these people have immensely benefited in their life. They express their favorable opinion and sometimes not so friendly view also.

However, their experience with the device will certainly be helpful in consistently developing the extra features and benefits encountered by the users in the long run.

The significant improvements that have been brought into the device are often the result of the highest constructive criticism! Therefore, the manufacturers will be expressing no frustrations or hesitations about negative feedback either as it helps to improve their product.

People tend to understand better when they watch videos than when they read the lengthy text, for example, the one you are going through right now!

Videos help the viewers of all categories and classes to relate themselves to the product quickly.

This is where the relevance of the program is linked with regular viewers who are interested in gaining maximum benefits from the product.

These are the Bathmate users like you.

Here is one real user who has documented his progress in 3 separate videos throughout using the Bathmate. Listen to what he has to say…

Bathmate Video 1

Bathmate Video 2

Bathmate Video 3

Some of them have had previous experiences with lesser quality pumps.

Some have been bitten terribly by those extender devices and ended up with horrible injuries and horror tales.

The rest might have been defeated by the sheer amount of chemicals their bodies are still enduring.

The majority of these chemicals are probably dumped by the extra quantity of pills and injections they took, with the hope that their penis size would, at last, be increased.

Being such a case, it is natural that they are benefited by the realistic presentations and films those depict

  • Genuine experiences of people who have successfully used it. Their primary intention is to learn the methods of using a Bathmate through video.
  • Most effective methods involved with how to use.
  • Comparison between the latest development in the product and the legacy-devices that exist in the market today.
  • The highlighted features and benefits to the users through Bathmate pump video
  • The actual Bathmate in use by showing live examples
  1. The experts from medical and surgical fields. These are the ones who conduct unbiased and independent analysis and testing of every sexual-health related product. The product has been evaluated, tested and approved by them.
  2. Product experts. They are the actual developers of the Bathmate penis-enlargement device. They show you the Bathmate use for improving your penis size and performance abilities in simple ways.
  3. The staunch critics. They are in one way contributing to the advanced development of the device! It is however suggested that they try using a Bathmate once and test the benefits practically.

Guidelines to use Bathmate

It uses a Non-return valve (N.R.V) which takes water from the inlet once.

As the water pressure works and expands your penis, the pump starts its compression action.

At one stage, the compression stops. At this point, the N.R.V closes and water are pumped out of the pump.

The best of knowing how to use a Bathmate is to go through the complete set of videos, the accompanying official manual, and the countless reviews and experiences written by the top users.

The simple procedure can be followed either in the bath-tub or while you are in the shower. Just watch the video for clear instructions.

The Bath-tub

  • Once your bath-tub is filled with water, you can get into it along with your Bathmate-device. Dip it into the water until it gets filled. Make sure that all the accessories required are connected to your device (if needed)
  • Insert your penis into it until the base of your penis is covered.
  • Now start pushing the device towards your pelvis-region. This has to be done until a vacuum is created. Repeat the process until water stops flowing out from the pressure-valve that is located at the top of the device. This means it is now filled with an optimum quantity of water.
  • Once you have pumped the Bathmate to optimum-pressure, you will know. You will not be able to pump any longer.
  • Keep the pressure for about 15 minutes. If you feel any discomfort in the meanwhile, you can slightly loosen the releasing knob which is located at the top of your Bathmate.
  • After 15 minutes, open the release-knob fully and let out the water completely. Your session with the device has come to an end.

Bathmate In the Shower

Here, the equation may be a bit different. However, the overall procedure you follow is the same. Only the way you fill the device will be from the shower-source. The rest of the system will be exactly as explained in the previous case.

Safety procedures to be adopted

  • In case you are using hot water, make sure that the temperature of the water is below the tolerance limits of your penis.

This has critical importance. You will be submerging your penis in this water at a higher pressure of water than normal. If you are not careful about monitoring the temperature, your penis may end up with irreparable damages in the long term usage of the device.

  • Never pump the water beyond your comfort zone.
  • In the case of any physical discomfort to your penis, immediately release the water by pushing down on the valve.

It may take a while for you to get used to the device. Until then you mustn’t try to push the process beyond the point of your penis-tolerance.

  • Never go beyond the 15 minutes mark as specified by the manufacturers.

Some users think that doing maximum exercises in a day would accelerate their penis-growth process. This is not true.

  • Always make it a point to clean your device completely every time before you use it.

The procedure of cleaning is very simple as demonstrated in the video below.

This will also contain detailed information about the maintenance methods that will help in showing you how to use it for a longer period effectively.

Best Bathmate usage equals best results  

The best Bathmate results can be obtained by merely following the instructions written in the product usage and maintenance manuals.


Your needs are to solve your physical as well as psychological problems in the first phase. The second phase would be to boost your physical and mental powers beyond your usual “self”. The Bathmate penis enlargement device can help you in all these aspects.

Bathmate Phase 1:- Solving Physical problems

  • You can make your penis grow in length as well as girth. For this, you need to have a clear plan. What is the size that you wish to attain and how many days of constant exercises you need? Go ahead with this idea and you will achieve your goals.
  • Your erections will be stable and vigorous.
  • Your premature-ejaculation problems will be solved.
  • Your performance period, as well as potency, will experience a gradual upward trend.

Solving Psychological problems

  • Your inhibitions and negative opinions about the size of your penis will slowly, but surely go away.
  • You can meet your girl more confidently than before in your romantic rendezvous.
  • Your confidence levels are being restored to normalcy and eventually beyond that. The biggest relief for you would be obvious, freedom from fear! This is one aspect that can ruin the finest fabric of your sexual-life than anything else.

Bathmate Phase 2:- Boosting your physical capabilities

  • Your erections become stronger than ever before. You can sustain your erections for a longer period compared to earlier occasions.
  • The size of your penis has grown considerably, even crossing over the plateau-state and passing over to the “Superior size and girth phase”.
  • You can control your ejaculations to a period by which your female partner could experience multiple orgasms.
  • Your orgasmic pleasure points ate built-up consistently through your intercourse sessions.
  • The time gap between your post ejaculations erections is fast reducing. You can regain your erections quicker.
  • You can enjoy better quality sex and so is your female-partner.

Boosting psychological strength With Bathmate 

  • You are a complete man now. A look at yourself in the mirror will tell you how confident and self-assured your body language has now become.
  • It is always recommended that you observe your physical changes before you make your mindset about your sexual-capabilities. The assured positive changes in your physical stamina and sexual-strength are sure to boost your opinion about your “SELF.”
  • Once this stage is reached, there is literally nothing that holds you back from enjoying your wholesome life.

Buying Bathmate Conclusion

The Bathmate Penis-enlargement device can indeed work towards boosting the physical length and girth of your penis within the shortest possible time frame today.

Your own experience will endorse that just like thousands of others have experienced it all over the world.

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