ExtenZe Ingredients & Side Effects

What Are The Ingredients In ExtenZe?extenze-ingredients-uvu

The essential ingredients are divided into two broad categories. The active ingredients are those which form the central part of the pill.

The Extenze ingredients in the inactive section are responsible for supplementing your sexual anatomy with vital vitamins and energy supplies.

The active and inactive ingredients together are responsible for boosting the conditioning and functioning of your penis performance in the long run. Let us take a look at the passive elements in the first place.


This is said to support your sexual vital organs network within your body. You can assume the action of this ingredient to be similar to the engine oil in your car. Besides lubricating the fuel, it streamlines the flow of fuel into the engine.

The same scenario can be imagined in the case of your sexual organs network that consists of…like-a-car-engine

  • Prostate region
  • The Epididymis region
  • Testicles
  • Scrotum
  • Penis
  • Urinary-bladder
  • The artery that connects the brain region with the penis

When you can sustain your organs with a sufficient amount of aphrodisiac-elements, your sexual arousal could reach the maximum extent. However, these processes cannot be kept at a continuously excited state, unless they are supplied with constant energy, nutrients, and minerals.

The phosphate is capable of absorbing these elements from your food intake. Moreover, phosphate is capable of inducing a storage capacity to the tissues of your sexual organs listed above. In both aspects, the ingredient is responsible for sustaining the energy levels and performance levels of your sexual organs.

This is also a reason for stress and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and food pattern if you wish to reap the maximum benefits from Extenze.


This ingredient is responsible for exciting the sex glands in your body. The following table illustrates the ways in which these sexual glands get aroused by the ingredients in Extenze.

Gland name

Normal activity

Enhanced Activity after being influenced by Micro-crystalline ingredient of Extenze


The glands found among males. The glands are responsible for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is, in turn, responsible for growing the male penis. The glands are made to generate an excess quantity of testosterone in the single cycle. This, in turn, increases the production of sperm and the volume of semen.


They are located at the base of the penis. They are the exocrine type of reproductive glands related to sexual arousal state.  They have ducts of size roughly around 2.5cm.  When the penis reaches the sexually aroused state, these glands are responsible for the production of a mucous type of fluid. This is also called the pre-ejaculate-liquids. This liquid is capable of neutralizing all the residual acidity within the urethra region. Since the urethra becomes neutralized, it becomes a safe environment for the sperm to pass through without getting damaged by the acidity. The ingredient is responsible for increasing the quantity of pre-ejaculate from these glands by multiplying its production capacity. This is achieved by activating it and exciting to the status wherein the generation of pre-ejaculate naturally increases.


This gland is responsible for the production of a Semen type of liquid that carries the sperms cells, its functioning is very critical in the quantity of cum and the quality of sperm being transported. The ingredient is responsible for the optimum production of the liquid and supplies healthy nutrients to the liquid produced. Once this goal is achieved, the healthy sperm ratio within the liquid also increases, making the penis region more fertile than ever before.


This is yet another inactive ingredient that supports and sustains the virility within the sexual organs which are listed above. Also, it provides protective coverage to all the sexual glands during the state of sexual arousal. This protection is very much needed during the rule of excitation in every cycle, especially during the orgasm period.

extenze-bannerMagnesium -stearate

This is the main ingredient that work in association with the entire active ingredient in promoting active and strong erections. The initial, intermediate, final and post-ejaculation period plays a critical role in determining your multiple erections after each ejaculation.

This ingredient also plays a critical role in reducing the time gap between the subsequent post-ejaculation erections.

Characteristics of ExtenZe ingredients

After taking a look at the supporting ingredients, we now take a look at the most active and critical ingredient of Extenze.

ExtenZe Ingredient


ExtenZe Effects

Additional benefits


Converts the carbohydrates into a pure form of energy. It helps in the maintenance of the central nervous system. Maintains the digestive-mucus. Stabilizes the level of sugar and sucrose in blood. Reduces levels of cholesterol in the blood. Strengthens the erectile status of the penis. Increases the sexual libido, improves performance, enhances sustenance and the increases time of ejaculation. Increases the possibility of male multiple orgasms. Stabilizes the central nervous system connecting the cardiovascular system with the male sexual organs. That means you will be able to maintain your calm and composure during the peak orgasms. The nervous system actively supports this enhancement.


Vitamin-B-12 by nature. Increases the percentage of fertility in the active testosterone and sperm cells. It increases the production and sustenance of Dopamine hormone and compounds like Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonin. These are the hormones and compounds that are responsible for enhanced initial erections & Prolonged sexual intercourse. The enhanced physical ability for the sustenance of erections for an extended period without shrinking or deforming. Freedom from the fear of impotence and loss of libido. The ingredient eliminates all the possibilities.


Detox agent, Na+ receptor suppressing agent, Aphrodisiac-enhancer, immunity enhancer, pain-relieving agent, enhances brain function. Removes the toxic elements from the sexual organs and surrounding regions in the pelvis and abdomen region. Cleans the central nervous system. It helps in a better flow of blood into the corpora region. Increases virility and sexual performance levels. It helps in the prolonging of regular ejaculations. Lets you enjoy male multiple orgasms like your female sexual partner.


Male-libido enhancer. Strengthener of erections aids in maintaining sustained levels of sex hormones. Provides athletic abilities to your penis. Strengthens and flexes tissues and muscles in the penis region. Increases the duration of your initial erection. Helps In quick recovery from ejaculation and supports subsequent erections.

The other ingredients are the stabilizers and power enhancers. They play an essential role in shaping the strength and stamina of the sexual organ and the connecting nerves between the penis region and the brain.

Horny goat weedhorny-goat-weed

The strength of the erect penis always depends on this ingredient.

The most interesting aspects of your penis are its erectile strength and flexibility. Force and harness of the erection keep it going for more minutes into the intercourse than before.

The second aspect; The erection can be flexible. Its flexibility always supports the hardness of the erection. This point helps the penis in entering the vagina without any resistance.

Also, the pre-cum liquid generated within the testes region has to flow over the skin surface of the penis, making it highly lubricant due to the nature of your penis structure. There are no bones in your penis. Imagine what would happen if it were to contain bones like the rest of your limbs.

Hence, the erection is also partially flexible. This is where the actual strength of the weed comes into the picture. This ingredient is helpful in many ways. It makes your penis tissues extra firm. Now you can experience more stable erections consistently.

You can sustain them over an extended period. Since your penis tissues can get that extra dosage of vitamins, minerals, and support, your penis strength will be extra. You are now experiencing the strong positive influences and benefiting from the weed in the flaccid state also.

Psychological Effects of ExtenZe ingredients

Besides taking care of the physical strengthening of your penis, cardio-vascular-systems and the complete sexual anatomy of your body, the ingredients play an active role in shaping up your psychological powers as well.

These are called the active Extenze side effects.

  • Your inhibitions about your sexual abilities vanish. Remember the days when you were unable to propose even for a date, let alone the question of enjoying a romantic evening. This happened mainly because of your erection, sustenance and performance issues. Now, since these matters have been taken care of, you are free from all your inhibitions about yourself.
  • Your self-confidence levels have been restored.
  • Your peak performance naturally starts increasing and reaches a state of stability. Remember, sex is a process which requires physical and psychological coordination in the male body and mind. Since you have achieved a state of perfect equilibrium with the help of Extenze enhancement pills, you can relax now.

Negative effects of ExtenZe ingredients

The side effects of Extenze are physical and psychological.

  • The physical Extenze male enhancement side effects are heart palpitations and headache sensations. They go away fairly quickly if at all you are affected by them.
  • The psychological Extenze pill’s side effects include anxiety, lack of sleep and mood variations. Once your body and mind get conditioned, they slowly go away. Your doubts of is Extenze safe will also disappear soon.

Conclusion: The genuine Extenze pills are safe to take and have no reported side effects even though we have mentioned some above. The reason we have mentioned these is to protect our own back on legal grounds. However, no reports have been made of anybody suffering from these symptoms as they contain all-natural ingredients.

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