FleshLight Accessories!

fleshlight-motion-accessoriesWhat Is This Fleshlight Machine Thingy?

Fleshlight is a state of the art male masturbation tool from www.fleshlight.com.

The manufacturing unit of the company has carefully worked with the design team.

The design team comprises of sexology experts, medical and therapeutic field specialists and a team of biomedical engineers.

You might wonder, what is the need to have so many people in an organization dedicated to the designing of a male sex pleasuring toy. Think again; take a look at your complete body in a full view mirror.

What do you see?

It is not only you, in the mirror, it is also the most efficient and intelligent machine created in the universe.

It is the Male body.  

Creepy huh? ;)

The male sexual organ Penis is a very complex structure. It is composed of many tissues, nerves, and cells. The foreskin is known to have 12 different functions.

The Primary Penis Structure Is Divided Into;  

  • purpose-of-foreskinFore-skin outer portion
  • Fore-skin inner portion
  • Ridged-band in between these two layers
  • Glans-Penis
  • Frenum
  • Penis-shaft-skin
  • Penis-shaft(Corpus-region)
  • Base
  • Dorsal-veins
  • The Utricles
  • The Vesicles
  • Urethra
  • Urinary bladder
  • Testes

How Is The Fleshlight Machine Design?

During your sexual pleasuring, all these parts of your penis will be in action. Hence, the device used for masturbation has to consider all these elements, their structure as well as their functionality during sexual intercourse.

Only then the process of masturbation will be complete.

The Fleshlight Machine Has Been Designed To 

  • fleshlight-benefitsResemble a total female vagina/mouth/butt (There are three product models)
  • Resemble the body-parts of your most favorite porn stars
  • Cover the needs of straight/gay/lesbian user needs
  • Give you maximum pleasure and orgasm-feelings during masturbation
  • Safely guard your intact penis against every aspect
  • To last for long hours. It is supported by a beautiful and hardworking battery
  • To actively engage every part of your penis tissue, nerve, and cell in masturbation
  • To give stimulating exercises to your whole penis region
  • To increase the resistance power of your penis to
  1. Excess stress
  2. Excess stretch
  3. Excess load
  4. Premature-ejaculation

The sex-toy is literally the vagina of your dream-girl. Many of the users who have actively made use of this device have got only success stories to narrate. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed in every product design.

This is one of the main reasons, for the popularity of the product all over the world today. It has been medical, clinically, orthopedically and technically qualified to be absolutely safe for usage.

Fleshlight User Experience 

The user experiences with Fleshlight motion have been varying. The intensity of your pleasuring will start increasing as you get more and more used to it.

It may give your penis, a strange feeling in the beginning. Especially, if you are still a modest man you may feel discomfort. There is no need to worry or get scared. It is the safest device to insert your most precious organ and pleasure it.

To Illustrate Some Of The Initial Hesitations, We Present To You The Experience Of A 27-Year-Old Tim.

tim-shy-guyHe is from southern America and settled in New York. When he came here, he found it tough to make girlfriends. Being shy in nature and a bit scary, he hardly had the nerve to approach paid sex.

He started having psychological problems due to a lack of relaxation. He decided to ignore the problem. Coming from a traditional family, masturbation was considered a rather sinful act in his family.

This same attitude had developed inside Tim too. But his body did not bother to listen to his mind. Naturally every male and female need sexual relaxation. It is one of the most natural acts in the world.

This is the way nature takes care of population abundance in the world.

Fortunately for Tim, He Discovered Fleshlight.

One of his friends suggested it to him. Once he had used it, Tim was an absolutely happy and satisfied man. His whole approach to life changed. He became more of an extrovert. His friend’s list increased, and so does he get a sweet damsel as his girl.

What could be the reasons for such sudden changes in Tim?

To understand this clearly, you need to look at the design of the Fleshlight device.

What About The Fleshlight Material Used?

The manufacturers call it SUPERSKIN™. The material has been patented. The vaginal skin has many unique properties. It resembles your favorite female porn star‘s vagina.

The Labia-Minora is another sensitive part of the female vagina. The same concept has been replicated in this device. Once your penis touches that part, the lips only suck your penis in.

The inner layers have been split into sections. The Fallopian tube is the first sensual area encountered by the Glans penis region. The first vibrations in your penis and body start.

superskin-materialOnce you start entering the inner layers of SUPERSKIN™, your penis starts getting the initial stimulation. This is when the erection starts and grows to become full.

The Functionality Of Flesh Light

Once you start your pleasuring session, the

  • Channels in the SUPERSKIN™ start stretching. It would be like the real-life stretching of your penis outer skin by the female vagina. There is a difference here also. The device is not only pleasuring your organ, but it is also exercising it. At this stage of stretching, there will be slight pressure on the intravascular nerve extending into your penis. This will automatically condition your penis to prevent premature ejaculation.
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  • The device gives you an option for stroking, just like you do in your regular sexual intercourse. The beauty of the device is that it is designed to provide counter-strokes. This is one of the features that are tough to perceive, especially in an artificial device to resemble a real human organ. This shows perfection in design.
  • Normally, the human organ, the vagina is brilliant in nature. It is capable of adjusting its elongation. This is the reason for the complete adaptability of the SUPERSKIN™. It can take any size of the penis and surround it with the appropriate amount of pressure.
  • Suction control is an essential feature, which has been introduced into this device. You will be able to monitor it.
  • Once you are through with your session, you can turn off and take out your penis, safely

Fleshlight Cleaning And Maintenance 

This is a vital feature. It has been made very simple. You can find the complete set of cleaning instructions in the accompanying manual.

The Manual And Online Guidance 

The manual is the complete guide for knowing about your device. You will be able to understand the simple language easily.

Fleshlight Accessories

Fleshlight accessories are many. Once you go to the official site and start browsing through the list, you might get a feeling that it will never end.

Here we present to you only a few of the most critical, essential and desirable accessories of Fleshlight.

  • Fleshlight Priceless Sex-Machine. This is capable of 3-inch-stroke and twisting action. If you are looking for an additional pleasuring option, this is the right accessory for you. That means you will be saving your energy of stroking. This sort of teasing is like experiencing the she-on-top position of your girl stroking you.
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount. Imagine standing under the shower and making it with your most favorite Fleshlight! This particular mount will let you fix the device to the vertical wall of any type. You will be able to attach the device to the wall just below your shower. You will be able to make it really under the streams of a drizzling shower.
  • Fleshlight LaunchPad is the perfect companion for your I-pad. In combination, it offers high-resolution porn-films, audio, and other features. Visual and audio are the most sensitive organs of a man. Your arousal can be made to happen through visual and audio. This will also please your brain’s sexual nerves. This is the reason for the high volume of sales of porn videos.
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  • Fleshlight Bullet Upgrade. The clitoris is the most sensual spot in the vaginal region of the female. Once your penis head starts stroking it, the action performed is two way in the case of a female vagina. You will be instigating her to climax. The second effect is, your own pleasuring height will be approaching. This special-bullet has brought the same effect. If you are looking for some serious pleasuring, this will be the right accessory for you.
  • Fleshlight Renew Powder. This is for replacing the powder inside the sleeve of the device. This is an essential element. Once you start using the device regularly, it is natural for the powder to get used and exhausted. You will be able to replace it with this package.

Usefulness Of The Fleshlight

The device is capable of performing the multiple functions of a pleasuring tool as well as an exercising tool. You will be able to experience a remarkable change in the texture, stamina and performance capability of your penis.

This device will not be envied by your girl, rather presented to you as a gift.

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