Fleshlight Review

fleshlightDildos, rabbits and other toys – a common enough topic of conversation for girls, yet start talking about toys for boys such as the Fleshlight and you’ll probably get a few strange looks. Using an object to masturbate may get you branded as a perv – but why isn’t a sex toy acceptable for men?

As a firm believer in men’s rights I thought I should do something about this – so in the interests of good journalism and the freedom for men to stick it where they want I decided to order a sex toy, try it out, and publish my findings for the world to see.

The chosen product was a Fleshlight – a thick torch-like toy that holds within it an orifice of your choice ready for insertion. While ordering you can choose from mouth, butt or vagina, and there are versions modeled on different ‘celebrities’ (porn stars).

Want to take it a step further? Customize one to suit your exact preferences – if only there were this much choice in real life!

Arriving last Friday, I carefully took the box up to my bedroom – while I planned on publishing my findings somehow the prospect of being confronted while wielding the Fleshlight was a little bit too much to contemplate. Espionage complete and with the door safely locked I opened the packaging and delved through the layers of wrapping to find the thick torch nestled within.

The toy was well-packaged, perhaps too well packaged – after all I was about to abuse and destroy it, how much protection can it need when I’m about to stuff my dick right up inside it? Included were some instructions and some complimentary lube.

I found it kind of funny that there were instructions – after all, how hard can it be? You put it in… and that’s about it. Having said that the instructions did go through some clear steps for how to keep it clean after use, though – which when you think about it is fair enough, this is one piece of equipment you don’t want just to leave to dry after use.

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Also included was the returns policy – a prospect which was initially horrifying but thankfully was clear in specifying those products must be unopened and unused to be returned. I’m all for sharing, but that might be taking it a little too far.

Squeezing a bit of lube into the mouth was slightly tricky, but a little bit of oozing and dribbling later and I was ready to go. The Fleshlight was ready; I was all set… here goes.

What does the Fleshlight feel like?fleshlight

I slipped in… and I’ll be the first to admit it felt a little strange. But then if putting my dick into inanimate objects was normal for me I’d probably have written this article years ago! I persevered and slowly got the hang of it… and it began to feel pretty good.

The material lining took a little bit of getting used – it’s what you’d imagine taking a Furby from behind would feel like – a little bit synthetic – that is if a Furby’s ass really felt rather good.

The synthetic lining feels great once you’re used to it, and assuming you got one which is the right size it has just the right amount of natural grip. I left it to engulf my member. I pushed. I grunted. I went in until I bottomed out and then again.

It did not speak back, it did not want anything in return, it was simply there to be loved (or abused) as I saw fit. Total dominance – I was a master, king, emperor. Emperor of vaginae. Nothing could stop me.

Have sex with a toy and you’re able to watch anything you like while you’re doing it. Friends, Breaking Bad, Blue Peter. Anything you want – and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Such freedom!

Overall it felt great. But a word of caution to those who can’t wait to get their hands on a replica Furby-ass: these things can be a little dangerous if treated aggressively. Maybe I was a little lost in the moment but at a particularly energetic point, I thought I was going to snap my dick in two: these things aren’t quite as flexible and yielding as the real thing.

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Clean-up is another issue. You’ll want to keep it clean (as per the detailed instructions), but if your sink is small and shallow, you may have slight difficulties. After 5 minutes of trying to jam is in under the tap (conveniently placed half a centimeter too low for this to work) I succeeded only in spraying myself with water and what could quite possibly have been my own cum – that’s another experience ticked off the to-do list then. In the end, I resorted to filling it up with water from a bottle to get it clean.

Ok now that you know how it feels, what can it be used for apart from masturbation?

The Fleshlight and continued use to build up your stamina and staying power.

fleshlightI have used it to allow myself to increase my sexual stamina to a point that I would be happy to have to please my girlfriend and myself in a more satisfying manner.  Simply put I just did not last long enough before ejaculation.

Most of the solutions I have tried didn’t work, and I was becoming more and more frustrated with each passing attempt at becoming a more prolific lover.

There was no way that I wanted to invest in another gimmick that was long on promises but in the end, they provided very little real satisfaction, but I held out hope for the nest thing.

All you need to invest here is your time, and I will be able to tell you about everything I have learned about Fleshlight and what makes it an effective tool to enhance my sexual performance.

Practice makes perfect as they say, however for men there has been no real successful method to practice having sex.  Fleshlight is a tool for sex that looks and acts like a real vagina on the male penis. That means that a man can experiment and improve his performance.

There have been taboos for years about male sex toys, but you have to ask yourself, “Do you want to last longer in sex? Really?”  If the answer is yes, then put aside old stereotypes and listen with an open mind.

This tool is made out of a silicon product that feels similar to a real vagina on your penis. This finally gave me the chance to practice all of the moves that I had to learn on the job before. Sometimes sex would be awkward because you were not so sure how it would work.  With Fleshlight, you can turn yourself into a sex tool that she will absolutely love.

Many men believe that after using it once this type of sex toy would lose its value but that is not the case with Fleshlight. It feels close to real that a person will have a hard time not using it each night.  It is so convenient and efficient that you won’t be able to put it away.

It uses a water-based lubricant to allow for the feeling of having real sex, and it cleans up really easily. The Fleshlight difference is that as you use it more and more, this sex toy designed for men finally give a man the chance to build up to longer orgasms and sex.

I can say that I was absolutely thrilled when I did notice that my sexual experiences started to last a whole lot longer as I continued to practice with the Fleshlight.

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Almost immediately after starting use with this sex toy I could see a real difference. My girlfriend noticed as well, and it became so apparent that something was different than she had concerns that I was cheating on her!!

So I would say yes it does actually work as they say, but you have to use it a lot for the benefits to really show themselves in the bedroom for you.

How Is The Quality Of Fleshlight?

The gadget is made up of the most realistic feeling silicone products that when lubricated feel similar to the real part of the human anatomy that every guy is looking for. The high quality shows and it will not wear out no matter how much you use it.

The water-based lubricant is really the key to the feelings that a person gets from this sex tool. It allows you to work as fast or slowly as you need to in order to last longer before orgasm.

This product works, and it works well in allowing a man to find the secret to longer sessions of sex each and every time.

What You Need to Know about Fleshlight

Nothing in life is perfect but Fleshlight is about as close to a perfect sex toy for men that have ever been created, and there are a few things that you should think of to develop the ability to perform longer in sex than before.

This is a discreet tool that can be stored privately and not found in any embarrassing places. There is not a huge blow-up doll or apparatus that can’t be kept in a private place. Plus they sell one that looks like a beer can from the outside so nobody will have a clue what’s inside.fleshlight

The Fleshlight sex toy for men is very affordable and will provide many sexually satisfying sessions that will help to make you a better lover by extending the amount of manipulation that it takes to achieve orgasm. You can practice with porn star pussies while watching their porn videos and they are always adding to their inventory of porn stars. Not only their pussies but mouths and asses too, whatever you prefer.

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If you are a sufferer of premature ejaculations, then this product is vital to your treatment. It allows a person to be discrete and build up their sexual stamina in a healthy manner as they build their confidence and the muscles of sex there are more pleasant times ahead.

Is Fleshlight Worth It?

And so to the end of my review, and what you’re all wondering is whether it feels like real sex? It doesn’t of course, and if it did that would probably put a serious damper on reproduction rates across the world, not to mention the monthly wages of working girls, but it does feel damn good. If real sex is a blockbuster movie, then a Fleshlight is a straight to DVD movie. You wouldn’t choose it over the real thing, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing (using your hand) when you’re bored on a Friday night.

And if you’re struggling with sexual difficulties of any kind or you just want to experiment then Fleshlight is a product that will allow you to find all the satisfaction that you wish.

There doesn’t need to be any embarrassment because as long as there have been men there has been masturbation and it is a healthy part of anyone’s sex life. This is a tool that makes something that you are going to do anyway more enjoyable and therapeutic.

So if you’re ready to order, don’t buy from Amazon or eBay simply because you could be buying a fake one. Check this guide on how to spot a fake. Buy from the official website instead, it makes sense. Click the link below.

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