Homemade Fleslight – DIY

build-your-own-fleshlightA Homemade Fleshlight Is Simple To Make.

All you need are some simple objects. Most of these objects will be available already at your home, or you will be able to get them from the nearby stores. Many people have succeeded in making such a Homemade Fleshlight which is easy when you know-how.

Once you have assembled the device, the first thing you have to take care of is the safety of your penis. It will be your guiding factor also.

You will be able to find many Internet sites, where you are given the complete set of instructions, in making one. All you need is to procure the materials and start working.

So, Let Us Look At How To Make A Fleshlight At Home.  

The materials you will need are;

  • diy-homemade-fleshlightA pressuring device, you can use a flower vase, 2-liter plastic bottle or even a Pringles crisps can, which is flexible in its surface. That means, when you press it, it should be able to give out air pressure.
  • You can use a fine rubber lubricated tube. You will be able to find many such sleeves in the nearby chemist store. If you are looking to make the simplest of devices, you can also use tour socks instead.
  • Now you need to stuff in the “vaginal material” into the tube/bottle
  • After you have stuffed in the socks, you have to use a soft rubber Glove like material to seal off the internals.
  • Now, you need to insert a lubricant material. There is much such available in your friendly chemist store.
  • You can add a pump rubber hose, which is commonly available in the market.

This is by far the simplest way of making your own DIY Homemade Fleshlight.

Once You Have Done It.

Make sure that the runner hose internally is also laced with a fine coating of the soft and heat-generating object. This could be a rubber tube more resemblance to a hot water bag. If you can make such a structure, you will be lucky.

However, there are certain serious restrictions involved with such devices. Homemade Fleshlight’s will not be able to provide the same feelings as that of your original Fleshlight.

The Reasons Are Simple.

Not for nothing is that instrument costing you close to 100 USD.

When the retail price of a small device could be that high, you can imagine the amount of hard work and technology that have enabled the experts to make this device.

The major advantages of making your own DIY Homemade Fleshlight are the cost-effectiveness and the ease of making your own.

fleshlight-qualityThe quality of rubber that you use should be of medical grade. There are certain precautions that you have to take while selecting the rubber material that you are going to use. This wills your primary material.

HOMEMADE FLESHLIGHT is Going To Perform The Job Of A Virtual Vagina.  

Nature makes the original female vagina. It is designed in such a perfect way that it fits any size of penis very quickly. The walls are highly flexible. They enlarge upon stretching very efficiently.

Remember, it is the same canal through which the baby comes out. Hence, this uniqueness may not be brought about by any amount of artificial means. This is the reason, the sleeve of the Original Fleshlight assumes so much importance within the device as a whole.

One of the experiences with the original Fleshlight over a homemade fleshlight is its lightness. The device is made lightweight with a long-standing battery. This is a result of power-conservation lean technology. Through this, the device has brought a new era in the annals of sex-pleasuring toys.

Earlier, These Kinds Of Toys Used To Be Quite Bulky.

You had to pump in a lot of hot water to bring lubrication to the traditional devices. Moreover, the act of pumping had to be done fully manually.

Even when the first electric-attachable toy came into the market, it had to be continuously connected to a power source. The risk associated with such devices was also very high. Some men have suffered serious electrocutions with such devices.

plugged-inEven the first battery-operated devices had their limitations. The lifetime of the battery was very low. Once you switch it on, the battery would be dry even before you reach your first orgasm. Then you would have either replace the battery or wait till the battery gets recharged.

All these limitations have been successfully overcome in the latest Fleshlight device. The sleek designs, coupled with no battery required has given the ultimate touch of technology to this unique appliance.

One of the strongest positive factors that influence product success is customer satisfaction.

When you make a homemade Fleshlight, you have to ensure that your pleasuring points in the penis are aptly stimulated in time. This can be achieved by inserting another rubber sleeve into the interior of the device.

You will have to make certain design changes to the internals of the sleeve to resemble it with the vaginal internals. You can make some folds on the sleeve surface and seal them. This way, you are creating curves in the sleeves.

If you have any doubts about making the device, you will be able to find a n-number of sites in which detailed descriptions with images will be available. They are written by those who have practically tried it. Besides, you can find many social network chat rooms. Here also you will be able to find similar minded people.

You can converse with them and remove your doubts, but most would recommend buying the real thing.

The Role Of Lubricant In Making Your Own Homemade Fleshlight Is Imperative.

Imagine a situation when you are making real love with your girl. The importance of lubrication will become known at that time. A lubricant primarily softens the movement of your penis shaft inside the vagina.

  • flesh-lubeOnce your penis shaft’s nerves are positively stimulated, you will be moving to the orgasmic phase. This is a stage where all the nerves, muscles, and tissues in your whole body would have reached the position of absolute relaxation.
  • Besides, it acts as a stress reliever. The nerves that connect to your pleasuring points in your penis are connected to your complete body. Active stimulation from this stage can result in overall health and well-being. A negative stimulation room at this point can create equally disturbing influences.
  • At this stage, you can do something that a real vagina does. Just squeeze the head of the penile region for a while, until it gets numbed. You will feel that the urge to ejaculate will soon move away. Then your erect state will continue to be in the same state.

The Amount Of Temperature You Maintain Within Your Self-Made Fleshlight Is Also Very Important.

Remember that the penis is very sensitive to temperature change. The female vagina has a sufficient amount of heat in it to keep the state of your erections going. However, the same condition has been depicted in the original Fleshlight design also.

The battery power generates the heat (That’s if you decide to buy a vibrating Fleshlight).

Do we wonder how you’re going to make one of those at home?

However, you can stimulate the same effects to a certain extent in the self-made device. This is possible in two ways. You can either use simple hot water. Or if you can think better, take two simple rubber sleeves.

It should be of a thickness slightly thicker than that of your condom. It could be of any length. Butt, the ideal size would be the one that exceeds your erect penis size only by a few mm.

Excuse the pun ;)

fleshlight-couponThis sort of design is necessary because your penis will be able to touch the endpoint of the sleeve, heightening your pleasures further.

Now, take another rubber sleeve of slightly lesser dimension and push it into the first one. It may take a few trials and errors, but it will work. Once you have fitted them together, open the gap in between them slightly.

You can fill this gap with a thin layer of hot oil, preferably hot castor oil. This will make a perfect vagina within the existing material resources you have got.

The Structure Of The Original Fleshlight Is Entirely Unique vs A DIY homemade fleshlight

In the sense that each vaginal model toy is different in its internals. The Jenna Haze design will be entirely distinct from that of Lisa Ann.

This is where the finer advantages of using the original device can be practically experienced.

The folding and closing of the vaginal petals around your penis is the most sensational part, which the original Fleshlight can give you. As long as you are pleasuring with the device, you will not be able to feel the effects of any allergy or other painful symptoms.

This can be taken care of by ensuring the hygiene characteristics of your homemade Fleshlight. Make sure that you use highly efficient human usable antiseptic liquid to wash the device. You have to give a lot of importance to its maintenance also.

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