How To Use SizeGenetics

How To Use SizeGenetics?howto-sizegenetics-banner

Before you start using it make sure that you have read the SizeGenetics instructions precisely. This is vital if you are interested in getting the fastest and most effective benefits.

This way, you will get the

  1. Proper usage guidelines
  2. The exact understanding of the methods used in the design of the extender.
  3. Maximum benefits of the usage techniques.
  4. Best possible benefits within the shortest possible time frame

The Steps Of Wearing The SizeGenetics Are Simple And Straight Forward.

    1. Check for the semi-boner-option
    2. Insert your penis through the white-colored ring that sits on the base around your shaft.
    3. Hold the extender with your right-hand. Make sure that your penis is being positioned at the correct angle. For this, you have to direct your penis properly. You can hold the corpora region with your left hand while leading it. (See an image below)
    4. Position the device in the proper way, by pushing it towards your body. Make sure that the pubic bone is covered to the fullest.
    5. Strap it correctly using the noose or the comfort strap around just underneath the glans.
    6. Now, you are wearing it in the right position. The springs will now stretch your penis out, and you should be able to feel the tug.

SizeGenetics Usage

It is used to achieve multiple goals. It all depends on how efficiently you can use the extender to your best advantages.

The steps involving How to use SizeGenetics extender are;

  • You can use it to extend the length of the penis by adding inches to your corpora-cavernosa region.
  • Traction: – This process works on the principles of orthopedic-based technology. In this field, it is called muscle-traction when a muscle gets twisted; this process is used for healing it. The SizeGenetics-device utilizes a similar principle. The slow and gentle traction process which the device exerts on the Corpora-cavernosa region is responsible for the occurrence of two events.
These two events
  • Stretching of the tissues: – Here the corpora-cavernosa (twin-channeled tissue which runs through the base and extends all the way to the penis-tip. When this tissue gets stretched gradually, it grows naturally).
  • Mitosis: – The cells start dividing into daughter cells. As the process continues, it gives rise to a chain reaction of growth. This process accelerates the accumulation of newly created cells. The cells form into healthy tissues just as if the penis was growing naturally during puberty.
Thus, the growth of your penis set in motion 
  • A similar process gets initiated and gets accelerated. This is the thickening of diameter. As the cells grow, the SizeGenetics-device distributes them along the width of the corpora region as well. This leads to an increase in the penis girth.
  • The process can be made successful when you can support your growth by switching over to a healthy and nutritious food practice. This will provide the right nourishment to accelerate growth.

SizeGenetics Safety Checklist

  • If you are feeling any discomfort, you can take a break. It won’t take long for your body to get conditioned to being strapped inside an extender.
  • Maintenance of your SizeGenetics-device is very critical. Make it a practice to clean the device every day or every few days at least. You can find details about its cleaning in the accompanying manual. You can also refer to the section How to wear SizeGenetics.

What Are The Safe Methods To Wearing SizeGenetics?

The most reliable method is to follow the SizeGenetics instructions given in the official manual. In this way, you will be able to use it safely.  More details about it are available in the handbook’s How to use SizeGenetics section.


What Are The Expected Benefits Of SizeGenetics?

The best results from the SizeGenetics-device can be obtained when you use the device regularly. Besides gaining in length and size, you will be fixing most erectile problems as well as the functional benefits of the product.

Thousands of satisfied users have experienced this. The greater advantages of the device are capable of influencing your psychological aspects also. This is observed quite significantly among many of the users.

The SizeGenetics User Reviews Reflect Some Of These Benefits.

  • There is a significant Increase in copulation duration: – This happens mainly due to the conditioning of the penis muscles and tissues to motional friction. You will not experience any shrinking or be softening at any time during the intercourse.
  • The corona-tissues are stretched to achieve deeper penetration. It has been observed that when you are capable of penetrating deeper into the vagina, the chances of premature ejaculation is highly reduced.
  • There is a natural tendency to prolong the erections within your penis tissues. Besides, the increased girth can make the vaginal walls secrete fluids naturally during intercourse time.
250x250It has been proven through research and experimentation
  • The Vagina stretches and can accommodate any size penis. You could observe the same phenomenon of stretching during childbirth. As the girth increases, it naturally extends the inner vaginal muscle during intercourse.
  • You can withhold and control the movement of the penis during the entire lovemaking. This readily increases the pleasuring duration. You and your partner tend to reach multiple orgasms during a single session.
  • The quality of your erection improves with time. This means you are experiencing a healthy and natural erection rather than chemically induced.
  • The steel rods that run along the length of your entire penis maintain the straightening orientation over the long term. In many cases, this method has proven effects on Peyronie’s Disease. People with a cross or bent erection can get rid of these symptoms without having to do anything abnormal.
  • You get an additional nutritional supplement along with the device. Don’t worry! It has no artificially induced sedatives or chemically prepared drugs in it. The pill contains natural proteins and vitamins for revitalizing the muscles and tissues.
  • You also get a simple exercise program through which you will be able to make your penis extra flexible and lubricating. Your glands can produce the right quantity of pre-cum fluids. The glands in the internal parts of Glans-penis, as well as those around the dorsal veins, generate the liquids. This produces automated lubrication.

The SizeGenetics Parts Are Highly Precise Technical Components.

spare-partsComfort-straps can be used for providing additional cushioning. It provides a safety cover around the sensitive parts, preventing any tissue damage, injury or even discomfort.

The protection-pads give protection to the tip, covering the Glans penis region exclusively. Make sure that the position of the pad is accurate when you wear the extender.

The elongation bars are available is a set of multiple lengths. Each bar is designed to stretch your penis to a certain length. You can choose the appropriate length, depending on your requirements for the day. The highest-quality steel bars are lightweight, rustproof and belong to the type 1 surgical-class accessories.

Also, you can get an international quality cream and a traction-powder. These two accessories help in exercising and lubricating your penile tissues during the device usage.

SizeGenetics come with the following
  • Cooling effects
  • Massaging effects
  • Relaxing effects
  • Comforting effects
  • Growth promoting effects

The accessories and SizeGenetics spare parts are regularly upgraded with every new version. You can find more information about the updates on the official site.

There is a separate section dedicated to the SizeGenetics parts.

more-comfort-faster-gainsBesides, to add inches to growth which are evident, the device gives you many other benefits.

  • The size of erection increases. This happens due to growth.
  • The strength of erection increases. Traction process applies a gentle vibration process also. During this process, the cells develop the capacity to store more energy and vitamins. The increment in their internal strength results in direct enhancement of your erection strength.
  • Duration of erection increases. Since your penis can withstand the copulation pressure without getting to the ejaculation state in a hurry, your erections last longer than ever before.
  • Performance duration increases. Performance needs stamina, and the strength is induced through tissue Edging.
  • Initial and subsequent ejaculation gets delayed. This is made possible by the device. It influences flexibility and excitement withstanding capacity to the Glans penis region.
  • The time gap required for erection between two subsequent ejaculations increases. This happens because your corpora region can conserve energy during ejaculation. As the intercourse period progresses, the corpora region starts getting conditioned to prolonged performance.
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How To Use SizeGenetics Conclusion

It can be clearly suggested that the SizeGenetics-device is made of the highest standards that govern the medical instrument technology of today.

SizeGenetics has been tested for its quality, durability, and extensibility parameters. The design of the device is simple, yet robust. It will last you a lifetime or as long as you need it to make significant gains.

The user-friendly manual shows you pictorially SizeGenetics and How to use, with detailed and understandable descriptions. If you have any doubts about How to put on SizeGenetics, you can get a detailed step-wise explanation.

There are no known side effects of this device until today.