libido-max-reviewWhat Is Libido Max?

Libido Max is the latest entrant into the world of male enhancement supplements. This supposed to have been developed in line with international quality, safety, virility, vitality and health standards.

However, the practical experiences of users show that the Libido Max seems to be more of a tiger on paper than the practical one. The actual experiences of many users show ExtenZe to be far better compared to this enhancer.

Why ExtenZe Is Better Than Libido Max…

The most important part of ExtenZe enhancement supplement is the combination of its ingredients. When done in the right way, they can boost and experience the following benefits.

  • Erection power. This has been the most worrying factor among men. The initial erection takes a long time to happen. Even when it happens, it seems to last only for a short while. It ends either in a premature-ejaculation or a pre-ejaculation shrinking. Both these problems can be successfully overcome by the consistent consumption of this supplement
  • Sustenance power. Most of eh time, you might have experienced fatigue during your sexual intercourse. This happens mainly due to tiredness and stress.
  • extenze-is betterYour work schedule has a lot of influence on your sexual cycles. This has been proved by many of the leading human psychologists and sexologists. They say the central nerves and cells in the brain and body are used to the maximum extent while you are at work.
  • At the end of your scheduled work, your mind and body would have reached their saturation point. From this stage onward, the body and mind would seek only to rest.
  • However, you will not be able to do so, because you have your female partner waiting for you. This is when you start dragging yourself into making love. The process of tiring and fatigue has already begun. By the time you complete your foreplay, your remaining energy is also drained off. Hence, your performance will never be up to your expectations.
  • This is where the ExtenZe ingredients in comparison to Libido Max come into the picture. They start boosting them. Your performance capacity will automatically increase.
  • Withstanding power. This is a critical part of your lovemaking. The ingredients help you in keeping your intra-vascular pressure high during orgasm. Hence, your natural ejaculations will also be prolonged.
  • Recovery power. This is yet another power feature introduced by the ingredients into your penile structure. After your ejaculation usually it takes about 30 minutes before you can regain your erection. The active ingredients in the ExtenZe in comparison to the Libido Max supplement can help you in restoring your erection within a matter of 3-5 minutes.
  • Conserving energy. Energy conservation is yet another important factor in lovemaking. The performance of sexual acts takes a lot of energy out of a male’s body. This is the reason for you to get tired. According to a clinical study, all the nerves, cells, tissues, and muscles in the body are equally involved in the action. Sex is one of the most natural exercises for both men and women.
  • If you can retain energy within your penis tissues and cells, your erections can keep happening throughout your lovemaking sessions
  • Your body will not get into a state of flaccid passiveness. The energy and enthusiasm to perform will remain in your body
  • Your mind will be fresh and ready for action. You will never say no when your female partner urges you to carry on the act of lovemaking, even after several sessions into the late night. The ingredients in the supplement can help you in conserving energy.

buy-extenzeWhat Are The Libido Max Ingredients?

ExtenZe in comparison to Libido Max for Men consists of most of the natural herbal compounds.

Epimedium Extract
  • This is one of the ingredients that help you in making your penis tissues extra stronger. Your penile erections will now be better stable.  They will also stay sustained for a longer time than before. This is exactly happening because of your penis tissues getting part of their extra vitamins, valuable minerals and also the much-needed support from this unique ingredient. Your penis now will be better able to experience additional benefits. This happens even when your penis is in the most flaccid state.
  • This where you will be able to feel the actual strength of the ingredients. They will help you to recover after the first ejaculation.  This will make sure that you will get to continue your action your sexual intercourse.
  • The ingredient is capable of reducing the long-time-gap between your ejaculation and erection. As you might be aware, your female partner has a better sexual arousal state and orgasms. This is the exact reason for which she is more capable of experiencing her multiple sexual orgasms.
  • The Epimedium extract can help in retaining a part of your penis erection-causing fluids well within your penis region even after the ejaculation.
  • The ingredient also is known actively to support the quick re-supply of the Dopamine compound. This will be filled back into the brain cells. Therefore, the active coordination between your mind and your body and penis naturally increases. You will be able to regain the complete erection-state into your penis.  This will be a matter of a few minutes only.
Tribulus Extract

Tribulus-terrestrisThe ingredient can immensely be able to influence the Testes area. The ingredient also impacts the major functional areas that are located within your vital sexual organs and sex-glands. There are many sex glands found among males; that can help in the following.

  • Sexual-arousal hormone production. These hormones when adequately produced can sustain your arousal throughout your lovemaking session. When they are in a state of undernourishment, it will not be possible for you to continue with your state of arousal. As the arousal starts coming down, your performance state will also naturally go down. This is the time when you and your partner tend to get into emotional conflict.
  • The Activation of Testosterone, hormone, producing glands. These glands is especially responsible for the continued production of high-quality testosterone. Testosterone will be in turn in charge of the total growth of your male penis in all the aspects of length and girth. The glands are now made continuously to generate a lot of high-quality testosterone. This process is known to happen within a single-cycle. This process, in turn, will help in increasing the quick production of good-quality sperms and the maximum quantity of high quality and energetic semen. Moreover, this ingredient is also known to be responsible for increasing your sexual appetite.
Yohimbe Extract

This is known to boost your sexual power and the raised penis sensitiveness throughout the lovemaking session.

Sensitiveness is one aspect that plays a critical role in sustaining the desired level. Most men lose their sensitiveness in the mid-session itself. This could be happening mainly due to the lack of some natural amino acids.
The amino-acids are very critical compounds in male sexual anatomy. When in sufficient quantity, they will be able to keep your sexual desire at the right levels. Once depleted, you will yohimbenever be able to sustain your sexual desires at the same intensity as before.

Yohimbe ingredient helps in the quick generation of amino acids. They also assist in the immediate restoration of many other vital fluids within the testes zone. These are also responsible for the dynamic generation of pre-cum fluids.


Consistency in performance needs relaxation of the penis tissues. When your penis tissues are inconsistent stress, the chances of premature ejaculation are more. Hence, the most critical aspect of lovemaking involves relaxing your penis during intercourse.

extenze-is betterYou can assume a similar example when a marathon runner is performing in action. The significant difference between a marathon runner and a 100-meter dash is the sustenance power of the marathon runner. He may start off slow. He may also be running at a much lesser pace than a 100-meter dash. He, however, will be running for a longer duration of time. In between, he will need refreshers.  You might have seen many refreshment points on the path of marathon running. The ingredients they consume are mostly energy drinks. This sort of continuous nourishment can keep a marathon runner going for many miles without tiring down.

The same equation applies to your penis performance. The energy to keep performing without tiring down is given to your penis tissues by this ingredient. It keeps supplying the necessary vitamins and minerals consistently. Besides, it also helps in maintaining the concentration of fluids in the right proportion within the sexual organs and glands. The maintenance of the water level in these organs also contributes to it.

What Are Libido Max Side Effects?

Since every ingredient used in the supplement is natural, the chances of getting side effects are next to zero. However, there may be certain cases where you might experience mild effects. Some of the most common side effects are headache, dizziness, and nausea. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then you may face irritation.

Libido Max Conclusion

ExtenZe in comparison to Libido Max for Men has been recommended by 100’s and thousands of users to be effective, safe and active. The large number of ExtenZe as compared to Libido Max reviews is a testimony to this fact.

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Bigger & Harder Erections


Increased Penile Blood Flow


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Improves Sexual Desire


Intensified Orgasms & Sex Drive



  • Herbal Ingredients Used
  • Money Back Gurantee
  • Affordable


  • Many Known Side Effects
  • Lots Of Bad Reviews & Unhappy Customers
  • No Clinical Studies To Prove Efficacy