Male Sex Toys? [Infographic]


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What Is The Fleshlight Experience?

If you are somber about knowing the experience, of Fleshlight, the best places would be the Fleshlight reviews, user stories, and comments. Here, you will come across an entirely different world. This is the place people, especially men shed their inhibitions and start talking freely.

Before we go further, we stop for a while and take a look at the need for having male sex toys. Fleshlight is one of the sex toys that attempts to provide a solution to great deprived sexual stress in men.

The advent of technology has brought into the information age. The lifestyle and working conditions of people in this world have drastically changed.

The industrial age saw men getting more active physically. Their bodies were naturally getting used to withstanding pressure and stress. The kinds of porn movies you get to see till the late 1990s give you a reminder.

As the information era dawned, the actively working blue-collar people started rising to white-collar level jobs. Their physical activities during the day remained restricted to their hands and a thinking brain.

Yes, we are talking about the influence of computers and the internet on working styles.

Today, if you look around, you will see only people working in cubicles. This has led to too many blocks to men’s overall physical, psychological and sexual health.

The Fleshlight Sex Toy Attempts To Give A Solution To The Users

This has been brought about with this unique tool in multiple ways 

  • Stress relieving
  • Sexual pleasuring
  • Physical exercises
  • Sexual exercises
  • Relaxing technique
  • Psychological relief
  • Medical benefits

Stress Relieving For Your Hard Workin’ Ass

The physical stresses you undergo today are far greater than those who did in the industrial era.

Morning times are massive traffic jam times. You seem to tie an entire age, just to get to your office in your car. As the day progresses, your work routine starts getting to you. You forget everything else and get into action. By the time you complete your job in the evening and get back home, you will be tired like a log.

But your sexual instincts are not tired yet.

It has been proved scientifically, that even when a man tires to his bones, a healthy sense of sexual urge will always remain in his body and mind. This could be perhaps one of nature’s gifts to man. The sexual act is one such stress-relieving action.

But if you don’t have a girlfriend, or you are away from her, you need a companion who can relieve your physical stress completely through pleasuring you.

The Fleshlight Device Is One Such Tool That Can Easily Do It.  

The method of using the device is also very simple. You will be able to use it from any angle, sitting, sleeping or standing. You could even use it under the shower or the bathtub. Since the device runs on a battery, there is no risk of getting shocks also.

The method is entirely safe. You can use the device as a stress reliever.

Just Think Of The Kind Of Stress You Go Through Every Day. 

  • The sleeve is made of medical and industrial standard silicon and blended with others to make it feel like human flesh. The outer casing is also made of highly reinforced plastic. Hence, the chance of getting your penis into any physical harm does not arise at all.
  • The internal design of the device has been made in such a way that it will fit your penis entirely.
  • Your work-related stress can take a lot of toll on your physical health also. When the pressure gets accumulated in your muscles,  it could lead to temporary cramping of the muscles.
  • With your sort of busy schedule, it might be difficult to allocate time for physical exercises and frequent workouts. Since your girl may not be with you, you won’t even get a chance to relieve yourself. This is where the “Fleshlight stu” helps you out.
  • The safety aspects have been given top priority in this device., in most of the traditional toys, there was always a risk of getting hurt with their metallic components or parts. Those chances have been eliminated in this device
  • Once you start using his device, you will be able to overcome all your stresses within a few minutes.
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Sexual Pleasuring For Your Horny Ass

  • This is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the apparatus. It gives you such a wide range of options, never before seen or experienced in the world of men’s sexual pleasuring.
  • The toys have been systematically divided into the vaginal, oral and anal sections. Every design is unique and based on the shape of a model. These models are basically from porn movies. You might have seen many of these porn stars in them.
  • The male brain has high connectivity with sexual relieving. Once the sexual arousal is set in, there is no way that the mind can be at rest until it has been fulfilled. This is the law of nature. When your girl is with you and both are in consent, your sexual arousal gets cooled naturally. When otherwise, this can be achieved through masturbation, when your female partner is not physically with you.
  • The Fleshlight device internals of the vaginal mold is exclusively and exquisitely designed. If you take a look at one such toy, you will be able to know the difference between this unique and modern toy.
  • The internals has been shaped to match a female vagina exactly. The Anterior-Fornix region has been designed with particular attention. In women, this is supposed to be the area where vital sexual fluids are generated. With the texture design of the sleeve at this, you will be able to feel the spot in the same way, like that of a real female.

Physical Exercises For All You Lazy Asses

Physical exercising is one way in which the male body tends to stay fit. Sex and swimming are said to be closely related to one another. Both forms of action are reported to be the most perfect.

  • This act was not possible in your traditional way of masturbation. It only increased your tired body’s stress.
  • Your breathing rate will increase. You breathe in extra oxygen. As a result, your body gets cleared of all the toxic elements from within
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  • Your body will be utilizing the action of every single nerve, muscle, and bone.
  • Your heartbeat will be at the highest, blood pressure would be typically low or average because the blood in eh veins is flowing smoothly.
  • Your complete digestive system will be under-exercising. It gets turned to the finest metabolic activities. This is the reason you find that you are hungry after your sexual intercourse session. You will feel lively, your nerves are relaxed, and your body muscles get toned.
  • The Fleshlight, on the other hand, acts just like the sexual and oral parts of your favorite porn-star. The best part of masturbation using the device would be to play the favorite porn video where your model is featured. This way, you don’t even have to apply too much pressure to your mind, for imagination.
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These kinds of sex toys have been in use for centuries. Technology has only further hastened the comfort and pleasuring methods and intensity levels.

Plus, you have a complete energy conservation system.

It has been stated that the amount of energy you use for masturbation is at least three times what you need when you are in a physical lovemaking session with your girl.

This could be true.

Because when you are with your girl, the stimulation and counter stimulation is constantly going on. The foreplay itself acts as the biggest physical exercise for your complete body.

Also, sexual intercourse gives you a sense of complete sexual satisfaction, coupled with wholesome activities to your penis.

On The Other Hand, Masturbation Is Done Alone. See What I Did There?

No physical body could absorb your body stress and stimulate it back into exercise. The only pleasuring device was either your hand or another traditional toy that made no difference to your penis. Due to these reasons, masturbation was considered as an Unhealthy practice.

But today, the scene has changed.

You can use a highly advanced device like the Fleshlight. In a Fleshlight review, a user had expressed his gratitude to this instrument.

He had stated that it helped him to stay in physically fit form when he had been to the Alps for an expedition. The batteries of this device are your own arms or arm so you can literally go for hours in one charging ;)

Hence, the power consumption of this device is quite less. The same opinion is expressed by many of the users all over the world.

Portability is another top feature of the device.

You will be literally able to carry this device in a backpack discretely.