Phallosan Forte Results

What Is The Phallosan Forte Extender System?phallosan forte gains

The Phallosan extender system is a purely mechanical device. Its functionality is simple, understandable and straightforward. It works on the penis-traction-system.

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In this method:

  • The male penis is housed in a safe and secure mechanically driven casing.
  • The tissues and muscles within the region between the entrance point of Dorsal-blood vessels till the Glans penis and external meatus is consistently subject to stretching.
  • The stretching is done gently and in natural ways.
  • There is no visible threat of muscle tearing, tissue misalignment or any other problems. In fact, the device is proven for its safety and well-being of your penis in all its structural and functional aspects.
  • The process of tissue elongation and cell growth by splitting cells into two or more daughter cells is the working principle behind this device.
  • The device has been technically ascertained and functionally proven among the thousands of users. Many more are gradually adapting to the device as the last possible resort. This is largely because of the limitations of legacy extenders on the market.

How is the Phallosan extender system designed?

Phallosan has completely reinvented the wheel here. In most cases, it’s impossible to reinvent the wheel but in this instant, they have done exactly that.

Most extender devices use rods and stuff but have a look at the picture to see how you will be wearing the Phallosan using their patented vacuum suction bell technology. The device has been designed to fit onto the penis of any size.


What if you only have a small penis when starting out with the Phallosan?

No penis is too small for this device.

Once you start using the system, you will find that the original size of your penis is restored within a few days of is usage.

The next stage is to elongate your penis beyond its normal size. This is where the concept of mitosis comes into action. Your penis slowly yet inevitably starts getting stretched in steps. At this stage, you may feel a certain amount of uneasiness with the device.


Don’t lose heart or give up your effort.

You can give small breaks to wearing the device during the night. Once your penis gets conditioned to it, you will no longer experience any discomfort.

Within a matter of 6 months, you would indeed have achieved your goal of penis enlargement.

The additional bonus for you would be the increased girth.

The device uses a vacuum-pumping method which is sure to increase the size of your penis to considerable proportions within this period itself.

Phallosan For those of you with a Medium-size-Penis

If you are not satisfied with the standard size of your penis, you can unquestionably choose to increase the girth and length. You will feel the benefits of the system within the first few weeks of usage.

Your size and length would have increased before-and-after-uvuvisibly.

At this stage, you could also observe certain remarkable improvements in the girth of your penis also. This is the natural way in which your penis is growing and length. The penis is comprised mainly of tissue and not muscle hence; the growth is irreversible.

After the completion of the promised time, you will surely be brimming with confidence.

This is because, you have achieved and sometimes your desired goal, without experiencing pain and side-effects.

How are the promised Phallosan Forte results achieved?

The main purpose of the Phallosan penis extender is to expose your penis and its tissues and individual cells to a certain amount of gradually increasing tension. The Phallosan device is specially mentioned to work according to WebMD.

  • This tension is quite often experienced in quicker frequencies and sometimes it may slow down. It is not the device fault or something related to the method. It is the texture and anatomy of your penis.
  • Your penis will be initially experiencing an uncomfortable feeling. Make it a point to continue wearing the device to a minimum of 4 to 5 hours in a day to start off. As you proceed, you may extend the period up to 12+ hours at a stretch easily with no pain at all! This is not like the usual extenders.
  • The device sends the stimulation to each of the tissue and cells through gentle waves generated due to pressure. At this time, your cells start vibrating steadily. Over time, the cells begin splitting into two daughter cells. The process will continue.
  • Since you have fitted your penis into the safe housing of the system, it holds the shaft portion of your penis in a horizontally straight position.
  • Since your penis is a boneless membrane, it is possible to straighten out the muscles and tissues without having to resort to any orthopedic processes of bone straightening.
  • In parallel to the elongation in the horizontal direction, your penis is also laterally expanded due to vacuum-method. This leads to penis tissue expansion.
  • The device works on the critical parts of your penis which are located in the corpus cavernosal region and the tunica albuginea-tissue-region (T.T.R).  When you expand the T.T.R, you are in effect increasing the size of your penis. All the connected tissues start realigning themselves with the grown penis.
  • This is when you will be able to experience the pleasures of witnessing your medium-sized penis growing into a large-size penis.
Here is a snippet of a forum discussion we came across, have a read for yourself.

forum results and experience

Phallosan Forte for guys with a Large-size penis6 months larger penis expected

When you already have a god-given gift of a large-size penis, it becomes far easier for you to gain the size of an extra-large and extra-handsome personality with Phallosan.

Don’t worry about the fitment of the Phallosan Forte onto your penis. The manufacturers have taken care to fit the device into any size penis.

In your case, the visibilities of results are explicit.

  • You start experiencing the initial expansion within a few days of usage.
  • As time moves ahead, your girth and length have considerably increased.
  • You are already able to sustain longer durations of erection during your intercourse. The best person to appreciate the real applicability of the device will be your female partner.
  • After six months of using Phallosan Forte (recommended), you will be certified by your partner as being the most eligible Phallosan-machos whom she has chosen.
  • The sort of self-assurance and the confidence levels you experience will be beyond mere words. You can focus your complete attention on the finer aspects of life now.

There are of course plenty of other benefits related to this device like straightening out curved-penis, rectifying erectile and other structural and functional problems.

You will be able to learn more about the Phallosan results in the thousands of Phallosan Forte reviews on the web.

What can you expect before and after using Phallosan?

You will be able to observe and experience large changes in the state, size, and length of your penis before and after using the device for the number of months as described in the official Phallosan Forte site. Your penis will begin to hang longer in the flaccid state within only a few days of wearing the device.

After only a few days your penis will feel heavier and look more veiny and meatier.

Before You Used Phallosan- It Goes Something Like Thisembarassed

This is an extremely embarrassing and difficult-to-experience issue. You are very well aware of the negative implications since you have suffered.

There are many reasons;

  • You are unable to satisfy the woman of our dreams. The real pain starts when she decides to break her ways with you for this reason.
  • This could lead to many psychological issues within your subconscious mind. If you are brave enough to withstand these problems, you will certainly need a device to restore your physical appearances and sexual capabilities practically to your lover.
  • Even if you were to have no sort of self-confidence to face such issues, you need not panicky. The Phallosan Forte gains are much larger than you can imagine.

A few days/weeks after using The Phallosan

If you are serious about solving your issues, you would certainly make it a point to wear the device as per the instructions printed on its manual or listed on the official website.

The Phallosan extender starts showing its visible results after a few days, which becomes clearly experienced ones within a few weeks.

After using Phallosan (recommended six months)

phallosan-officialOnce you have crossed this stage, you will certainly have experienced the complete Phallosan before after cycles.

At this point,

  • Your Penis has reached its complete size and length in all the structural and functional aspects.
  • You can now confidently mingle with the woman of your choice. The sequence of wooing and seducing now is the turn of your female partners.
  • You no longer will have to wait for the appreciation and approval of your female partner. She will be desperately looking for ways to hide you from her friends and competitors!
  • The levels of your self-esteem and confidence levels would have reached their maximum levels.
  • Your attitude about and the definition of life will get a new meaning
  • You can sexually perform better than ever before. Your,
    1. Syndrome of premature-erection has vanished
    2. Your cum is longer and more in quantity
    3. Your partner is now able to experience multiple orgasms at last.

You can find Phallosan price is being competitively placed.

The difference is that you will end up using this device to see results. This is one of the benefits you gain with this design.

The Phallosan for sale on the official website is free from every Phallosan scam as it has successfully been tested and cleared by top medical and surgical experts today.

What is the Phallosan–limitation?

The device, however, has its own set of limitations. This applies to every new invention, today, and tomorrow. You can buy Phallosan Forte online from the official Phallosan Forte website.

We would not recommend purchasing from anywhere else: Phallosan Forte For Sale?

  • You cannot use the device to achieve larger than life penis size and erections. The nature of the penis structure is such that it has a limitation of growth. But studies show that an increase of 1.9 inches within six months is the average you can experience.
  • The device can take you the maximum extent to which nature has enabled you.
  • If you experience any irritation or pain that persists longer than the average duration, you may have to give a break, consult your physician and take the second opinion, but you will be able to figure it out yourself after you have become accustomed to it.

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