ProExtender Reviews

What Is The ProExtender System?pro extender system

The device is a scientifically designed and manufactured product for natural penis-enlargement.

According to the manufacturers, it has been engineered to stimulate the growth of the penis regarding length and girth.

Of course, there are many other methods like surgery to achieve the same goal.

However, most of the conventionally known methods try to go against the nature of human anatomy, resulting in unexpected and harmful consequences.

We will explore how the Proextender system overcomes those limitations.

  • Gives you guaranteed results (and if not then they offer a one-year money-back guarantee)
  • Cut short the longtime requirement of natural enhancement. You can experience noticeable improvements within 90 days of its regular and controlled usage.
  • Avoid the usual side-effects brought by conventional devices and methods.

Why Use The ProExtender?

There are various reasons for you to switch over to the Pro extender which includes medical, physical and psychological aspects.

  • It is also cheaper than most other traction extenders on the market, but if you have the money and are willing to spend it we recommend Sizegenetics. It costs more but provides more comfort so you will be able to wear it for longer and hence experience gains much quicker.

In this section, we take a brief look at them.

Medical reasons: – When you opt for surgery or medication, you are actually going against the natural laws that govern the growth and enlargement of your sexual organ.

Here, we make a comparative analysis of the three methods and list out the practical reasons for choosing the natural extender over the other two methods.




Primarily it involves disturbing the natural anatomy of the penis and its surrounding areas through artificial means. They focus on injecting growth-promoting hormones into your body. Some of the injections are found to contain health-hazardous elements like metals and other dangerous compounds. This is simple, yet sophisticated equipment which is designed to condition your penis muscles and tissues to expand.
The surgical method is split into two parts. Length-enhancing and girth-enhancing methods. Out of these two, the later is quite complex. The muscles and tissues get thickened. Moreover, injections contain Vaseline and other tissue clotting agents. This method involves a single unit of both penis length as well as girth enhancements. It does not inject any chemical substances into your penis or the surrounding regions.
Surgical methods are known to create erectile problems in the long run. It could happen due to the non-alignment of the ligament with the base. Most of the surgical techniques have resulted in the life-long inability to achieve proper erections. Drugs and injections create life-long dependency on them. Even then, the ratio of potential growth and its permanence has never been answered clearly. The expansion of muscles and tissues in length and girth is non-reversal and natural. You are exercising your penis just like you stretch your body muscles in a gym. Discontinuation after a considerable period of growth does not affect your enhanced size and erections.
Surgical methods have a high risk of making your penis sexually and biologically non-functional. When the ligament is detached from the base, it could internally damage the nerves connecting the two segments, resulting in short and life-long numbness. The drugs get deposited onto the subcutaneous region of the penis. This results in a high degree of cohesion. Sometimes, the deposition will have to be removed through surgery, leading to further complications. The method involves a straightforward and natural process of making new tissues develop. During the process, the tissues also get strengthened. Thus, your penis is gaining stamina.
Surgery often results in permanent scars and internal bleeding. It leads to many infections that are otherwise unheard of. The chances of a permanent scar and injury extend from the penis region alone to the scrotum area as well. The drugs in the injection soften results in paralyzing the entire penis or the connecting nerves and muscles between the base and the ligament. This could lead to a permanent loss of erections. The process of exercising is strengthening the nerves and connecting tissues between the base and ligament region. Over time, your entire penis and abdominal muscles get strong and flexible.

How Is The Pro Extender Designed? 

The device has been designed to work from the roots of your penis base and extend in both the length and size of your penis.

  • The compact size of the device ensures that you can wear it round-the-clock discretely, in the sense that it stays concealed within your inner garments, without making its presence felt in the external world.
  • The device operates by streamlining the architecture of your penis in the right direction. It is achieved in several steps over a short period of time.tribal traction
  • The frequent stretching of your penis muscles in limited quantities is found to have long-lasting effects. You could observe a similar phenomenon by which the natives increase the size of their ear and nose naturally. They wear bracelets and other stretching ornaments continuously. The same method is deployed in the case of the extender.
  • It is easily detachable. During times of answering nature calls or other emergencies, you can easily detach the device and wear it back in a minute.

ProExtender Results

This device has undergone actual clinical trials and studies.

Medical professionals are recommending its use and over 60 hospitals in Spain are issuing it to their male patients for penis enlargement and also the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Have a look below at some of the before and after pictures.

UVU performance proextender results

The Functionality Of Pro Extender

There are three main factors involved with this natural extender which makes it highly and practically functional in nature.

It consists of simple components like;

  • The traction device: – This works on an orthopedic-terminology called muscle-traction. It is the slow and gentle stretching of the Corpora-cavernosa (the centrally running tissue which starts from the base of your penis and extends up to the tip of the penis. When this is gradually stretched, it starts growing naturally.
  • The top and bottom casing: – There is a linear alignment from the upper part of the device that fits into the root of your penis and the base portion which gets locked at the tip of your penis. The traction now happens in horizontal as well as width-wise. This way, there is uniformity and balance in the stretching process. This means, your erections are free from any defects.


Benefits Of Using Pro Extender?

Now, we present the most common sexual as well as health benefits experienced by thousands of satisfied users from all over the world.

The benefits are also found to influence the psychological aspects quite significantly.

The medical fraternity lists out the major benefits as,

Increase in intercourse duration: – This happens mainly due to the conditioning of the penis muscles and tissues to motional friction. Your penis does not shrink at any time during the intercourse.

The corona-tissues are stretched to achieve deeper penetration.

It has been observed that when you can penetrate deeper into the vagina, the chances of premature ejaculation is highly reduced.

There is a natural tendency to prolong the erections within your penis tissues.

Besides, the increased girth can make the vaginal walls secrete pre-cum fluids naturally.

It has been proven through research and experimentation.

The female sexual organ can stretch and accommodate any size penis.

You could observe the same phenomenon of stretching during childbirth also.

As the girth of your penis increases, it naturally reaches the inner vaginal muscle during intercourse.

You can withhold and control the movement of the penis during the entire lovemaking.

This naturally increases the pleasuring duration.

You and your partner tend to reach multiple orgasms during a single session.

The quality of your erection improves with time.

  • If you buy the full system, you will also receive a one month supply of Vigrx Plus and Semenax. Which both contain All natural ingredients and are safe to use with no side effects.

This means you are experiencing a healthy and natural erection rather than chemically induced.

The steel rods that run along the length of your penis straighten your penis orientation in the long term.

In many cases,  this method has proven effects on penis-orientation.

People with a cross or bent erections can get rid of these symptoms without having to do anything abnormal.

You get an additional nutritional supplement along with the device.

Don’t worry!

It has no artificially induced sedatives or chemically prepared drugs in it.

The pill contains natural proteins and vitamins for revitalizing the penis muscles and tissues.

You also get a simple exercise program through which you will be able to make your penis extra flexible and lubricating.

Your glands can produce the right quantity of pre-cum fluids.

The glands in the internal parts of Glans-penis, as well as those around the dorsal veins, generate the liquids.

This generates automated lubrication.

Any Disadvantages Of ProExtender?

If you have sensitive skin, you may find it difficult to wear the device continuously.

However, you can overcome this problem by selectively wearing it during a particular time of the day.

Once your skin gets conditioned to it, you will face no problems.

If you are allergic to vitamin or nutritional-substitutes, you may find it difficult to adapt your body to this program.

However, this can be easily overcome by replacing the supplement with your natural diets.

You can read through the numerous ProExtender reviews on the web.

They contain the experiences of many happy users.

You can learn from them.

Final thoughts about ProExtender?

The practically proven ProExtender results have shown that this method works for you also.

You can absolutely rely on the ProExtender system to jell seamlessly with your body anatomy within a short span of time.

Since the positive effects are long-lasting, and it gives near-zero adverse side effects, this can be recommended for a natural penis enhancement program for all men.

One Year No questions asked guarantee so what have you got to lose?

If you use it consistently for a whole year we promise you will see gains, there are plenty of success stories on the official website too.

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Increase In Length


Increase In Girth




Ease Of Use


Build Quality



  • 180 Day Money Back Guarantee Which Is More Than Enough Time To Increase Your Size By At Least An Inch
  • Real & Permanent Results If Used Consistently
  • Once You Have Achieved Your Size Goal You Can Stop Using It & The Gains Will Be Cemented
  • Your Penis Will Become Stronger, Thicker, Longer & More Meatier As It Adjusts To The Stretching Of The Tissues
  • More Comfortable Than Some Of The Inferior Extenders For The Same Price


  • Many Fake Versions Available So Be Sure To Buy From ONLY The Official Website
  • Must Be Committed & Consistent To See The Best Results
  • Only Available Online