real-touch-sex-toyWhat is RealTouch Male Masturbator?

RealTouch is a male masturbating device. As claimed by the manufacturer, it is now UNAVAILABLE for purchase. Read about the alternatives below.

  • The device is designed and produced under stringent quality control standards. However, most of the reviews have shown that Autoblow 2 has better features compared to this piece of equipment.
  • Autoblow 2 works without the help of batteries; hence, you will not face the fear of running out of power in between your sessions.
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  • It is available under the $150 price. Take a look at the cost of real-Touch and you will be forced to think more than twice before buying it. Of course, the device offers multimedia options. This could be one advantage. But with so many independent multimedia devices available at your disposal, the difference in pricing looks to be too large, at least for an average user.
  • This masturbating device has been scientifically and technologically designed to give maximum pleasures to you, in case your female partner is missing in action. When you compare this with Fleshlight, you will instantly opt for the rich features provided by it over the real-Touch.
  • This can also be used for exercising your penis in various ways. A detailed view of all the sets of the exercises that you can perform the device can be seen in the RealTouch demo. Fleshlight offers a better range of practices. It helps in increasing the stamina of your penis. You have various options like the star-vagina, star-butt, and star-blow-job.
  • fleshlight starBesides, this RealTouch review will also be able to give you a better idea about device usage in detail. In the initial stages of the device’s market entry, it was the most modern one. But technology has overtaken the device regarding pleasuring, visualizing and exercising.
  • The RealTouch Interactive is one of the rarest of options you have on the net here; you will be able to find the model of your choice with whom you are going to have an online virtual sexual intercourse session. Fleshlight has 3 to 4 steps ahead of this product regarding sensuality.

This device has been closely associated with the world of fantasy. Of course, this is true. But, when it comes to realistic appeals and sensations, Fleshlight scores in every aspect.

Now, We Take A Look Further Into The RealTouch Features And Compare Them With The Other Latest Appliances.

  • You are safely engaged in a virtual intercourse session. This will save you from many of the sexual diseases you may contract when you opt for paid sex. This is true. But a look at the ease of maintenance will reveal that Autoblow 2 is much safer and hygienic to clean and maintain.
  • This device can be used indiscretion without anyone knowing about it. But, Fleshlight is sexier and makes a lot less noise compared to this instrument.
  • You will be able to use the device according to your whims and fantasies. You will not be restricted by the compulsion to please your female partner to get pleased. However, the material of the sleeve used by Fleshlight gives you a better realistic feel.
  • You will find the best sex partner whenever your real-life female partner is not with you. Even here, Fleshlight seems to score better.
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  • By substituting the paid sex with RealTouch sex toy, you are saving money also. After all, your RealTouch device is going to be a onetime investment for you. If you are serious about saving money and getting a good pleasuring at the same time, Autoblow 2 would be the ideal choice (If you don’t mind waking the whole neighborhood up with the noise). Seriously, stick with the Fleshlight.
  • fleshlightsbAs claimed by the manufacturer, the best part of this device is the RealTouch vagina. However, Flesh Light seems to give you better options.
  • You will feel that you really have sexual intercourse with a real female partner. The manufacturers have taken complete care of this factor. In fact, the device has been designed developed, after extensive consultations with sexologists, psychologists, and sexual anatomy specialists who do research in the fields of Female sexual anatomy. This plays a significant role in the design of the device. This is because your primary purpose of masturbation is to replace a female imaginable with your device vagina.
  • According to the manufacturer, RealTouch has enough care to maintain the temperature, the inner atmospheric wetness, etc. just in line with that of a real female vagina. But in practice, Fleshlight feels better.

What Is The Design Like Of The RealTouch?

There are certain features that make Realtouch still one of the preferable devices, though not the kind of simple pleasuring device. Some of its most exciting features are

  • The design of a RealTouch masturbator has been made to fit your penis completely into it.
  • The device can be operated on a battery that has a long-standing time power supply capability.
  • The device has a highly lightweight design. It can be practically carried anywhere discretely with ease.
  • Your penis will not have any negative influence or problems concerned with the usage., once you are conditioned to it, playing with it is an easy task for you.
  • The Real Touch reviews written about the usage of the device can tell you a lot about the ease with which you can use the device
  • When you are using the device, make sure that it is following the strict guidelines given in the instruction manual.

The RealTouch Is Designed In Such Ways That It Can…

  • Incorporate your entire penis region from the base of the penis area, till the Glans penis and the foreskin areas. This feature has seen better advancement in the case of the other two devices.
  • The device started to masturbate your whole penis region regularly, uniformly and gently. If you want, you will be able to increase the masturbation speed. The product manufacturers have taken enough Care in the design.

The Main Aim Is To…

  • flesh-light-motion-accessoriesAvoid any electrical or mechanical problems while you are using the device. Autoblow 2 gives you much better features with uninterrupted power functions.
  • The device can work in any angle or position that you decide to hold it. It is, in fact, one the friendliest Device you can find in the global market today. The ease of operations practically has been brought into every new masturbator. Hence, it cannot be considered as the sole feature of this instrument.
  •  The RealTouch device is supposed to give uniform masturbation effects on all sizes of the penis. However, practical experience with Fleshlight gives a better feel for all sizes of the penis. In case if you happen to be suffering from any of the penis orientation problems, the device does not seem to be of much comfort.  On the other hand, the other two methods which we have been discussing all along can fix some of these problems. You will be able to get more information about these in many of the RealTouch reviews, where the users have practically experienced and written about the limitations of RealTouch.
  • The device is said to be capable of applying intra-vascular pressure on your penis from all the surrounding directions. Hence, you will be able to feel real life sensations while you are masturbating with this unique device. This is a relatively common feature provided by every masturbating device today.
  • Some of the users of this device have also stated that the claim of the RealTouch to be able to rectify erections problems is far from the truth. On the other hand, the Fleshlight device is said to give sustainable solutions to their or erectile issues also; this method can successfully cure all the orthopedic-related problems. It can take care of some of the challenges associated with the region of your abdomen, especially those nerves that are connected with your penis.

stamina-training-fleshlightWhat Are The RealTouch Benefits?

The battery life seems to be the only real benefit you get from this device. This can be experienced when you are going to places without power supply. It would be a really exciting experience to listen to the real-life experience of a user who made use of this device and got the real pleasant time of his life.

He is Mark from Sylvania. He had heard of the RealTouch Male masturbator from his friends. He, however, had not taken any initiative to buy it.

For a long time, he just kept postponing the idea of purchasing the device. But he kept postponing the idea. One fine day he had to leave on a six months mission to the central African forests. Since his wife was a busy person herself, she could not accompany the mark in the expedition.

This time, Mark was actually made to think of a masturbation device. Hence he went for this device. He narrates how easy it had been for him to complete his African trip, without falling into the temptations of paid sex.

What Are The Limitations Of RealTouch?

There are practically has many limitations. However, they are not device faults. Only the thing is that technology seems to have outpaced the device.

RealTouch Conclusion

The RealTouch Male masturbator device is highly useful when you are missing the company of your female partner. However, when in comparison with the other two, this seems to get the third best spot in the ranking.