Vimax Extender

official-websiteWhat Is Vimax Extender?

The functionality of the Vimax extender is always motivated by the eternal and everlasting dreams of men. What is this dream? It is to attain the longest, thickest and most ideal penis size.

This could always be a misleading fact. The idea here is not to compare your own with others; rather it is to bring the best qualities into the open.

This can be achieved only by exposing your dick to some of the best exercising methods. The other fact is, the stretching has to be a continuous process, for a particular period of time. Only then, your penis tissues will be able to get conditioned to the sort of cock growth you are looking for. There are many reasons to state this.

Vimax Extender – Here’re Some Of The Reasons

  • The Penis has two parts, the one which is visible and the other which is hidden at the base of your pelvis and abdomen region (the area that goes inside your body).
  • When the cock growth happens, it obviously needs the support of the base. Hence, the Vimax Extender has been designed to make constant connectivity between the base and the tip. What happens when the device is in use is;
  1. penis-grows-with-constant-stretchingIt gently pulls out the hidden penis portion in stages
  2. The constant application of traction is sufficient to make the penis grow
  • The extended portion will now need strengthening. Their constant stretching achieves it.

The device has been engineered to perform many tasks simultaneously.

The Primary Functions Are

  • Helping to gain the maximum possible size as well as the length
  • Increasing the size of your erections. Thus, you will be able to gain most of the pleasure of copulation
  • Paving way for the healthy growth of the penis
  • Sustaining your penile erections for extended periods
  • Enable you to enjoy a wholesome healthy and fit life

Why Choose A Vimax Extender?

The Vimax penis extender has been bestowed with one of the unique abilities. It is capable of increasing the energy-storing capacity of the penis tissues and cells.

This Energy Is Used By Your Penis To Attain;

  • A consistent rate of growth. The new cells that are growing will push the length and size to its maximum potential.
  • Complete state of adulthood as they are generated. This is vital because when the new tissues are created, they will certainly not be mature enough. When you were young, and the penis growth happened naturally, the penis tissues had some time to get conditioned to your growing adulthood.
  • But in this case, you are growing your new tissues after your body has attained adulthood. Hence, your other parts of the penis may not accept the new growth unless it is matured.
  • The Vimax extender device does exactly this. It exercises the newly growing tissues and conditions them to be accepted by the penis as a whole.
  • Capacity for withstanding the urge to ejaculate prematurely.
  • Sustaining the sexual energy throughout the period of sexual intercourse.

How Is The Vimax Extender Designed?

extender designOne of the strongest factors that determine the practical relevance of a penis extender like Vimax is its design features.

If the Vimax Extender can provide

  1. Maximum comfort and safety
  2. Maximum results within the minimum possible time
  3. Maximum flexibility under multiple conditions of usage

You can consider that device to be good enough. For the record, the Vimax device has been tested and proven to consist of the following design properties.

  • The delicate manner in which the extender is designed goes on to show to speak volumes about its practical benefits. The complete program of Penis-enlargement based on scientific methods is one feature that makes Vimax exclusive.
  • Even the surgical and medical world has been using such devices (similar to the Vimax architecture) for a long time.

Vimax Extender Usages Have Been Seen In

  • Rectifying the penis curvature problems associated with patients. These are the patients who have undergone critical surgeries related to sexual disorders and embarrassing health problems. While explaining the medical relevance of the extender, the doctors opine that devices like Vimax are the only practical methods of achieving and sustaining long-term penis growth and sustenance.
  • The design includes a complete casing in which your penis will be safely protected during the extension program. At every stage of the stretching exercises, care is taken for protection and safety.
  • Once you are completed with the first phase of extender-exercises, the device automatically sets your penis tissues and muscles to the next level. There are no manual settings needed to make the device update its functionality.
  • Details about the set of penis exercises are clearly recorded in the attached Vimax-manual.
  • The stepwise development, from the initial stages to the final phase of your goal is systematically taken care of by the device.
  • It is independent of the nature and size of your original penis. Growth and expansion are achieved seamlessly. The device is designed to impart the best of methods that suit your penis.
  • The safety of a traction extender depends on to what extent the device allows freedom to the penis. Stretching is an inevitable phenomenon of course. If subjected to too much torsion, it may produce negative results like injury and permanent impairments. This is the reason for incorporating a flexible design into Vimax. Care is taken not to disturb the original texture of the penis.
  • One of the salient features of the Vimax-extender device is its ability to put your penis in systematic conditioning over a period of time.
  • The process of stretching in the initial stages may cause some minor irritations. It is natural. It is recommended that you don’t try to give up the usage in this period. As the penis gets used to the device, the itching, and other irritating sensations will naturally disappear. (They are completely bearable)

bent-penisThe method is proven to be effective in cases where the penis is facing problems in the erection direction and degree. Such as guys suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

The natural position of your penis is supposed to be vertically upwards or straight out in the horizontal direction when in its erect state.

  • The dysfunctional-erectile issue starts when your penis is neither vertical nor it is horizontal. It may be facing a downward direction or a cross position when in an erect condition.
  • The Vimax device has successfully corrected such a status. A maximum number of Vimax extender reviews reveals this fact very clearly.
  • The Vimax extender works wonderfully when it comes to pre-conditioning your tissues in the right direction at the right timing. This is the reason for the positive long-term benefits of the device.

What Are The Vimax Extender Limitations?

Practically speaking, there are no limitations to the device as such. It works to the maximum efficiency limit to give you the best of experiences.

You will be able to increase your size by a few inches. However, there are certain parameters you have to bear in mind before you start using the Vimax extender device.

Make Sure That You Follow A Healthy And Well-balanced Diet Pattern.

It is only when your food intake balances your penis exercising, you will be able to gain maximum possible growth. Hence, you have to consume some calories, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. They can be obtained from vegetables, fish, meat, and others

Increased intake of protein is necessary for growth as proteins are technically the building blocks. Make sure that you stay away from any of the intoxicating elements.

If possible, it is better to eliminate all bad, unhealthy habits as long as you are using the Vimax Extender. It will only help in quickening the penis-growth process. Meanwhile, it will also assist in improving the quality of growth.

Vimax Extender Conclusion

The Vimax extender device is a practically viable device. There have been many penis extender devices in the market over the past years. Some of them are good, some are better, and many more are excellent.

When you look at a penis extender device, these parameters do matter. But, there is one critical factor that makes a lot of difference to you. It is the adaptability of the device to your body and physique.

Vimax is built to fit with your penis and body perfectly. The complete design has been made in such a way that it gets adjusted to your physical conditions. It takes a couple of days. Meanwhile, you may experience some sort of uncomfortable feeling. It’s not every day you have something strapped to your penis, is it?

If you can cope with this for a day or two, then you will be thankful for your own patience. The best part of Vimax is its safety aspects. It covers the penis completely wherever it is required to provide continuous cushioning and covering.

Moreover, it has an adjustable traction system. Your penis will be able to experience different types of exercises. Once this happens, you will be able to experience the highest level of growth.

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Vimax Extender


Penis Enlargement




Overall Efficiency




Build Quality



  • Cheaper Than Many Of The Other Extenders Available
  • 187 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Not As Comfortable As Some Of The Leading Extenders
  • Most People Abandon It Due To Discomfort Before They Can See Any Results
  • Too Uncomfortable & Obvious To Be Worn Outside Or To Work Etc
  • Can't Be Worn Whilst Sleeping As It Would Be Too Dangerous & Will Restrict Blood Flow
  • Can Only Be Worn One Way Unlike The Phallosan & PeniMaster Pro