Volume Pills Review

What Is A Volume Pill?Volume Pills

The Term “Volume” is usually associated with quantity.

It also means the soundness of a system, in this case, the overall physical and psychological health and well-being.

Generally speaking, the pills are designed to increase the quantity/amount of

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Why Use Volume Pills?

As you are aware, sex is a natural gift given to every human being.

It is an activity which helps in keeping the life-cycle moving in its natural path.

Besides serving as a reproductive process, sex helps in balancing the secretion of healthy hormones in your body.

In the following table, we take a glance at some of the reasons for which you need to depend on Sex as an all-cure therapy.


Reasons For Having Sex 

Drop in the efficiency of the immune system. In today’s stress and pollution affected life, your immune systems tend to decrease. If you are an adult and reaching your 30’s, the chances of getting infected by the known illnesses increase.

  • Increasing obesity and deposition of fat & toxic substances
  • Common-cold, fever and other forms of body ache
  • Failing health of the metabolic system.
  • Hypertension and blood pressure. Just take a look at the number of times your heart-rate increases during your stress-filled working days.
There are only two forms of exercises in which the complete human mind and body are involved 100 percent, swimming, and sex. While the former helps in curing your body and mind to a certain extent the later not only help you but also your partner in many ways.

  • They stay away from you as long as you are actively involved in sex.
  • Sex is a Detox-agent. It cleanses your metabolic system of all the toxic elements, including many harmful chemicals.
  • Sex helps in keeping you lean and fit. You will be utilizing every muscle and nerve in your body during copulation.
  • Sex brings the pressure to build blood vessels to a large extent. It also helps in physically relieving all the stresses accumulated.
Decreasing a “healthy” life-span among men is a major concern today. Fertility rates are dropping, Men are subject to menopause while in their active ages. Sex can bridge the gap between your expected healthy lifespan and your existing status. Of course, it does not mean that you should become a sex-maniac, but know how to balance sex in your life over the long-run.

This Is Where The Volume Pill Comes To Your Rescue.

They actively enhance your body’s immune system.

They control the semen discharge rate during intercourse.

They balance the production and functioning of adrenal glands and prostate glands.

They boost the production of testosterone hormones which in turn increases the immunity levels.

They practically increase male fertility rates.

They increase the sperm count. The ratio between the volume of semen and the number of sperms is considerably increased.

They enhance the healthy sperm count.

They actively decrease the chances of male menopause.

What Are Volume Pills Ingredients?

Before understanding how the volume pills work, it is essential to learn what makes them work efficiently.

Primarily they are driven by the ingredients.

The more precise constituents you find in them, the better will be the results.

volumepills ingredients

The following table illustrates it better

If you wish to know about the complete ingredient-wise –benefits,  the next table in this Volume Pill review will show you the details.

Volume Pills Ingredients


How Do They Work?

Zinc /zinc-oxide Highly efficient for increasing the male immune-system covering the general and sexual aspects.
  • Increase the testosterone production rate
  • Increase the anti-oxidant-content in penis tissues and blood vessels.
Ku Gua (Bitter-Gourd) Anti-oxidant, highly astringent and explosively virile in characteristics
  • Purify the nerves leading from the Glans-of-penis till the pleasure parts of the brain.
Tian-Men-Dong (Roots of Asparagus) Sweet & bitter in nature, anti-impotent
  • Increases sperm count
  • Naturally increases the sex drive in men
Cordyceps Sinensis Herbal and natural
  • Increases the sex-desire
  • Increases sperm and semen production
Solidin Sexual-stimulant
  • Builds erection
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
Terminalia-arjuna Pace-stimulant
  • Increases the duration of copulation
  • Enhances pleasure experience
Ling-ZHI Vitalizing and sustaining agent
  • Increases the coordination between penis erection, ease of penetration and power of performance
  • Increases the time interval between the initial and subsequent ejaculations
  • Helps in regaining erection faster
Drilizen Erectile-agent
  • Improves the quality of erection.
  • Helps in deeper penetration and increased stimulation of the vulva and the G-spot
Xian-Mao Aphrodisiac
  • Builds sex-drive
  • Peaks at the right time
  • Sustains the erection and hardness

What Benefits Will You See With Volume Pills And How Long Will It Take?

The multiple benefits of volume pills can be experienced over a period.

They work in stages.

Once the final stage is reached, they act as stabilizers.

That means they work towards sustaining the performance and peaking limits in the long run.

Have a look at the diagram which shows the results of some individuals who used Volume pills for at least three months and then we will explain the process in more detail.


Volume Pills Stage 1 ( 1st Week)

The positive effects of the pills depend on the existing physical condition.

  • If your sex drive is at the lowest ebb, it has to be brought back to the normalcy before boosting it further. In this aspect, the pills are a great help. However if you can add a healthy diet pattern, you can experience the benefits much faster.
  • If your sexual stamina is average, the pills act as active channels for…
  • Shortening the time for the initial erection.
  • Sustaining the erection during the initial penetration. This is a frequently encountered problem for 1st timers. The friction between the vaginal walls and the Glans-of-penis could cause the penis to lose its erection. The pill acts as a revitalizing agent at this stage. The astringent nature keeps the tissue and muscle tightness intact.
  • Withholding the initial Na-channelizing to the brain. This helps in easy entry and deep-penetration.
  • Sustaining the erection during your performance: – Here, the Corpora-cavernosa tissues are strengthened. This process may sometimes harden your penis a bit above the average level. Don’t be scared, it is a stage where the stamina of your penis is peaking. Once you start your performance, the harness will automatically roll back to the optimum levels.

Volume Pills Stage 2 ( 2nd Week )

Now you are through to the 2nd phase.

This is when your penis and the surrounding regions start developing selective sensuality and neutrality.

It means the sexual responses/stimuli from the female are met with high spirits.

At the same time, your penis gets conditioned to delayed ejaculations.

  • You no longer feel your heart-pulse missing a beat when you are in the deep pleasuring state.
  • The usual urgency to ejaculate is slowly but surely getting under your control.
  • You start experiencing long-lasting erections. Sometimes they persist even after the initial ejaculation. That means you can continue your love-making session. This creates additional chances for male multiple orgasms.
  • Your performance-stamina gets a boost. Most men find problems galore at the time of prolonged performance. Though the penis is erect and willing to go on, the body muscles will not be able to withhold the sensual-Pleasuring for a long time. Here, the zinc-oxide comes to your rescue.
  • Repeated erections are faster and longer than the previous ones. To manage this situation. However, your body will need external help.  That means you will have to adhere to a strict and healthy diet plan.
  • Fruit juices help. They help in faster digestion and physical stamina development. Your penis nerves and tissues get re-hydrated.
  • Raw vegetables and green vegetables enhance your performance time and stamina. Your girl thanks God for choosing you as her partner.
  • Fish, prawn, and shrimps help to hasten the removal of toxic elements from your body muscles, urethra, and liver regions.
  • Your body and the penis region get back to action in the long run.

Volume Pills Stage 3 ( 3rd-Week Onwards)

Now you are on track and moving ahead.

All you have to do is keep consuming the pills and focus on your food patterns.

Your performance will reach the sustenance stage within the next three weeks.

By the 12th week, your body gets completely turned into a dynamic sexual-performer.

The herbal ingredients are the root causes for the continued sustenance.

What Are The Possible Volume Pills Side Effects?

If you are allergic to zinc or any of the other ingredients of the pill you may

  • Experience some headaches and nausea.
  • Constant irritation during urination. This might start either externally or internally. If it persists, then you may have to discontinue the pills for a while. It is better to consult your family physician if the irritation continues after taking a break in consuming the pills.
  • Be affected by a decrease in the quantity of urination.
  • Stomach pain and possible disorder. This could happen due to indigestion and or severe cases of constipation. One probable solution is to increase the volume of water intake.
  • Anxiety and forgetfulness

It is important to remember that there may be some side effects if you are allergic to zinc and not necessarily a problem with the volume pills themselves per-say.

Nobody has reported any adverse side effects so far either.

When To Avoid Usage Of Volume Pills?

You may have to avoid consuming volume-pills if;

You are suffering from severe heart and lung issues.

Your body is allergic to zinc, zinc oxide or any other ingredient of the pills.

Volume Pills Conclusion

The Volume pills are mostly safe and multi-beneficial means of obtaining and sustaining male sexual stamina, virility, quality, and quantity of semen and sperm volume and counts respectively.

They also offer a full six-month guarantee so what have you got to lose?

volume pills Mcta

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  • Increases Fertility As The Correct Nutrients Are Provided For Sperm Production, Health & Motility
  • Six Month Money Back Guarantee Which Is More Than Enough Time To Witness The Benefits
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